12mm Spiral Cable Wrap - 3m Long - Cover Expand

12mm Spiral Cable Wrap - 3m Long



This 12mm wide Spiral Cable Wrap helps keep your cables safe from harm and neatly tucked out of the way, for single or multiple cables up to 3m long.

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As Makers who love to experiment, build and ultimately play with Electronics, we know that cables – despite being incredibly important – can get frustrating and annoying to deal with in complex projects. In fact, even for a single computer, the amount of cables required is often almost excessive, and these cables don’t always look great when hanging off the ends of tables and workbenches. In fact, you don’t even technically have to wrap cables with these cable wraps, and you could even use it for covering other items like aquarium pipes or even chains on a swing, as long as they are 3 meters or shorter.

This is why we feel it’s important to stock Cable Management solutions like this 12mm Spiral Cable Wrap, which is 3m Long and designed to wrap around cables to offer full flexibility in all directions, while keeping individual cables or entire sets of cables neat, and safe from unnecessary damage. This is a fantastic solution for machines and equipment like 3D Printers, which are seldom designed for aesthetics and neatness, as these kinds of machines with a lot of moving parts can easily damage their own cables as the bed moves forward and back, and leadscrews slowly grind away at cable sheaths.

Note: If you like the idea of protecting your cables, but would like shorter wraps that you don’t need to cut down to size, be sure to take a look at our 1m Long Cable Wraps, which can also be cut down to smaller lengths if necessary, depending on your needs.


12mm Spiral Cable Wrap  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Inner Diameter

– 12mm                                                

  • Wall Thickness

– 1mm

  • Bundled Diameter

– 13mm

  • Cable Protection Length

– 3 meters


Typical Applications for these 12mm Spiral Cable Wraps:

These Spiral Cable Wraps are great for almost any application involving a lot of cables that you either want to neaten up or keep safe. This can include a range of different applications for 3D Printing to office desktop computers or even just to add the finishing touches to your entertainment room. In fact, some customers have even requested this spiral cable wrap in order to prevent pets and animals from nibbling on loose cables around their homes, demonstrating that these cable wraps can be used for almost any Cable Management application within the office or at home.


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12mm Spiral Cable Wrap - 3m Long

12mm Spiral Cable Wrap - 3m Long