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Bulldog Clips 19mm



These Bulldog Clips offer 19mm of high-strength grip, often acting as semi-permanent fixtures for holding down parts like glass beds in 3D Printing.

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Over the years that we have been building, supplying and providing support for 3D Printers, we have seen a lot of different techniques that utilise some of the strangest of most unexpected parts to solve a problem and improve print quality. However, one quick-fix that has become a permanent addition to most Hobbyist 3D Printers in modern times, primarily due to the fact that nobody has found a better or more affordable alternative, is the bulldog clip bed holder technique, which utilises simple 19mm Bulldog Clips to keep a strong grip on the glass bed, to hold it firmly against the aluminium or PCB heated  bed, to ensure maximum heat transfer and prevent the bed from moving while the machine is 3D Printing.

These Bulldog Clips are 19mm wide, which offers a good level of grip for your Heated Beds or whatever other projects you’re using them for, and are made from spring steel coated in black oxide for decorative purposes as well as to help reduce wear, with nickel-plated handles to ensure that they are strong enough to handle the immense tension that the spring steel enforces. This, however, means that you do need to be wary of the fact that they are conductive to a slight degree. As such, if you are planning to utilise these in conjunction with a heated bed with etched elements in the bottom, it’s important that you don’t inadvertently short the bed to the carriage of framework of the 3D Printer.

Additionally, as an extra insight, we always recommend putting these clips on the front and back edges of your heated bed, rather than on the sides, as this ensures that they won’t catch or short with nearby components or parts of the frame as the bed moves forwards and backwards.

Please Note: These units are priced individually, but have a minimum order quantity of four (4). This is to avoid unnecessary shipping costs, while ensuring the best possible price for each and every customer. 


Bulldog Clips 19mm  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Clip Material

– Spring Steel: Black Oxide Coated         

  • Handle Material

– Spring Steel: Nickel Plated

  • Grip Width

– 19mm

  • Weight

– 4g each

  • Handle Length

– ±26mm

  • Dimensions

– 11 x 19mm


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Bulldog Clips 19mm

Bulldog Clips 19mm