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3D Print Removal Tool



This simple but very effective tool helps you remove prints without damaging them, with a sharp edge to get under even the squishiest squish factor.

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With the advances in Heated Beds and adhesive surfaces in 3D Printing, we are now facing a bittersweet dilemma in that we certainly want strong adhesion, but we also want to get the prints off the bed without tearing or otherwise breaking them. This is why we love these simple but effective 3D Print Removal Tools, which are essentially just paint scrapers with extra-sharp edges to get beneath even the most adhered prints with relative ease.


Typical Applications for the 3D Print Removal Tool:

This 3D Print Removal Tool is ideally used in conjunction with a nice hammer, and the typical way to use it is to place the scraper at the edge or corner of an adhered print, and then gently but firmly hammer the back of the scraper to get it just underneath the edge of the print. Then, lower the scraper so that it is almost horizontal, and then with caution, hammer the back of the scraper further beneath the print. At some point during this process, the remainder of the print should pop off the bed, leaving you with a neat, tidy and undamaged model, with a nice bottom layer that should look quite similar to the Build Surface you are utilising for adhesion.


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