50 Pack M3 Brass Threaded Nut Inserts – with Soldering Tip - Cover Expand

50 Pack M3 Brass Threaded Nut Inserts – with Soldering Tip

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This 50 Pack of M3 Knurled Brass Threaded Nut Inserts are easy to heat press with the included soldering tip and enhance the functionality of your 3D Prints.

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Although it’s downright awesome to think up marvelous designs and create them from nothing but plastic, we often forget that 3D Printing can reach further incredible heights with a few Finishing touches. You can add extra bits or features to make functional prints more diverse and better suited to various applications. This 50 Pack of M3 Threaded Nut Inserts includes a soldering tip to heat press your inserts into your print during post-processing. By integrating knurled brass threaded nuts directly into prints, you can use standard Screws and Bolts to reliably hold heavy forces with your functional parts.

The Knurled Brass Threaded Nut Inserts in this 50 pack are sized for M3 Screws and are surprisingly easy to use as long as you have a decent Soldering Iron and the handy soldering tip included. In a simplistic explanation, all you need to do is heat up the nut insert from the inside by slotting it onto the soldering tip on top of a heated soldering iron to get it ready to heat press into your printed part. If possible, it is recommended to have Ø3.0 - 3.2 pilot holes in your model to slide these nuts into place once hot. However, the plastic conveniently softens and moves out the way as you heat press the nut inserts where you want them. Be sure to hold the nut insert firmly in place with a pair of Tweezers until the plastic cools down and hardens within a few seconds.

With brass threaded nut inserts, your prints are better equipped to handle the stresses that its application might subject it to and distribute those forces evenly to the surrounding plastic. Threaded inserts like these are certainly applicable for all kinds of mechanical applications outside of 3D Printing, although we’ve stocked these fantastic little tools with functional 3D Printing applications in mind. This handy 10 pack of Knurled Brass Threaded Nut Inserts is the perfect kit for resourceful Makers to start experimenting.


M3 Threaded Nut Inserts - Technical Specifications:

  • Nut Size                              

– M3x6x5

  • Type

– Threaded Nut

  • Material

– Brass

  • Pilot Hole Required

– Ø3.0 - 3.2

  • Pack Includes

– 50 Knurled Brass Threaded Nut Inserts

– Copper Soldering Tip (requires Ø6.5 mm throat)


Additional Resources:

 If you want a great visual demonstration of how to use these brass inserts for your prints, check out the following tutorial video by Joe Mike Terranella, in which he covers the basics of inserting threaded nuts, as well as how to remove them if you need to get them back out:

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50 Pack M3 Brass Threaded Nut Inserts – with Soldering Tip

50 Pack M3 Brass Threaded Nut Inserts – with Soldering Tip

Wham Bam Systems is a funky, lively brand created by Peter Solomon, who has actually been a relatively well known inventor for 45 years now. From developing laboratory methods and protocols, to work on complex interferometer mechanisms, Peter has been applying for patents since as far back as 1984 – and now his most recent work is the reinvention of the 3D Printer Build Platform. This is how Wham Bam Systems started, and since 2019 they have been gaining popularity as some of the most effective and most convenient build plate systems on the market.

Catering to a large range of popular 3D Printers from leading hobbyist 3D Printer brands, Wham Bam Systems offers some of the best build plates on the market, and with the recent addition of the Wham Bam HotBox to their catalogue, we can’t wait to see what else Wham Bam Systems has in the pipeline for future upgrades.