250pc Brass Threaded Nut Inserts Kit – M2/M3/M4 - Cover Expand

250pc Brass Threaded Nut Inserts Kit – M2/M3/M4

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Flip open this handy toolbox of 250pc Brass Threaded Nut Inserts and enhance your 3D prints with heat pressed M2, M3, and M4 knurled female nuts.

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Although it’s downright awesome to create marvelous and seemingly impossible creations from nothing but plastic and clever designs, we often forget that 3D printing is not necessarily the end game. The things and stuff that we print can actually be processed further once created. More often than not, we tweak our prints for aesthetics, such as with cosplay gear, fashion accessories and unique décor designs. But did you know there are functionality enhancements you can use too? Add extra bits or features to make functional prints more diverse and better suited to various applications. These knurled brass nut inserts are an excellent example of such functional post-processing. Integrate threaded nuts directly into prints, with durable brass that can handle heavy forces while your print handles the rest.

This Knurled Brass Threaded Nut Inserts Kit consists of 250 different brass nuts of M2, M3, and M4 nut sizes. It’s surprisingly easy to heat up and insert these brass nuts directly into prints as long as you have a decent soldering iron and a pair of tweezers. In a simplistic explanation, all you really need to do is place the nut where you want it to be fitted into a 3D print, hold it in place with a pair of tweezers, and then heat it up from the inside with a soldering iron. These nuts then slide into place once hot, with the plastic conveniently softening and moving out of the way. Hold it firmly in place until the plastic cools down and hardens. Installing these nuts means that you don’t have to rely on your prints to handle all of the different stresses that its application might subject it to. For some of the forces, you can enjoy durable brass nuts to take the load and distribute it evenly to the surrounding plastic.

Of course, because these are relatively simple parts, they can certainly be used for all kinds of mechanical applications outside of 3D printing. We’ve stocked these fantastic little tools particularly for post-processing applications, with the assortment and sizes lending themselves well to functional 3D printing applications. So, if you’ve always wanted to create prints that can actually withstand real world use cases, or simply want to enhance your current prints with more durable materials for higher performance capabilities, this handy 250pc Knurled Brass Threaded Nut Inserts Kit is the perfect kit to help you get started and start experimenting.


250pc Knurled Brass Threaded Nut Inserts Kit – Kit Contents:

  • 20 x M2x3mm
  • 15 x M3x8mm
  • 20 x M2x4mm
  • 15 x M3x10mm
  • 20 x M2x6mm
  • 15 x M4x4mm
  • 20 x M2x8mm
  • 15 x M4x6mm
  • 20 x M2x10mm
  • 15 x M4x8mm
  • 15 x M3x3mm
  • 15 x M4x10mm
  • 15 x M3x4mm
  • 15 x M4x12mm
  • 15 x M3x6mm



Additional Resources:

If you want a great visual demonstration of how to use these brass inserts for your prints, check out the following tutorial video by Joe Mike Terranella, in which he covers the basics of inserting threaded nuts, as well as how to remove them if you need to get them back out:

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250pc Brass Threaded Nut Inserts Kit – M2/M3/M4

250pc Brass Threaded Nut Inserts Kit – M2/M3/M4

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