Solderwick Chem-Wik 2.5mm X 1.5m Expand

Solderwick Chem-Wik 2.5mm X 1.5m



These 1.5m Bobbins of 7-5L - 1.9mm Solderwick by Chem-Wik are arguably the easiest and most effective tools for removing old or misplaced solder.

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Soldering is an exciting hobby that helps Makers like you to build circuits, repair connections and integrate various components and modules into projects, but ever so often can result in small mistakes like solder droplets landing on the PCB. Fortunately, tools like these 1.5m rolls of 1.9mm 7-5L Solderwick Chem-Wik, which is used to absorb melted solder in order to clean up a PCB or remove the solder from joints. This is ideal for cleaning up any mistakes made during the Soldering process, as well as for “desoldering” joints without damaging any of the fragile electronics. These bobbins are spooled with 7-5L Type R wick, with a width of 1.9mm and a total length of 1.5m, which is enough to last a reasonably long time even if you are an avid soldering enthusiast.

While there are a few other ways to remove Solder Wire from circuits and PCB’s, solderwick offers a few distinct advantages that arguably make it the easiest and safest way to do so. Firstly, the absorption technique that solderwick uses helps to completely remove solder, with almost no residue or leftover solder on the board or components. Secondly, the copper braid of the solderwick also acts as a protective layer for fragile electronics and PCB’s, and prevents direct contact between the Soldering Iron and the solder that is being melted. And finally, the entire process of removing solder with solderwick is substantially faster than many other techniques, and in fact doesn’t even require any specialised equipment aside from a soldering iron and a spool or bobbin of Solderwick.

The braiding of this solder is made entirely of copper and is 1.9mm wide, and has a standard R-type organic rosin with no extra residues or corrosive elements. Just remember to snip off and dispose of the strips that have been used, as these bits will be full of solder and will not be able to absorb any more.


Chem-Wik 7-5L Solderwick  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Length

– 1.5m

  • Width

– 1.9mm

  • Braid Material

– Copper

  • Flux Type

– Rosin: Grade WW / Type “R”

  • Series

– Chem-Wik Green Series

  • Standard Shelf Life

– 2 Years

  • Post-Cleaning

– Not Necessary


Typical Applications for these Spools of Chem-Wik 7-5L Solderwick:

If you have been soldering your own circuits and PCB’s for along time now, you will definitely be able to understand the true value of reliable solderwick. This is why have made sure to only stock the best, and our 1.5m bobbins of 7-5L 1.9mm Chem-Wik Solderwick are sourced from one of the most reputable companies in the world of Soldering Accessories like wicks, sponges and solder suckers. In fact, this is also the same solderwick that our chief electronic engineer and workshop staff love, and they were quite insistent on sourcing this particular brand, as well as this particular size to accommodate a wide range of desoldering applications.

As an electronics enthusiast, solderwick is arguably one of the most important tools to have in your toolkit, so consider getting yourself a bobbin and testing it out if you’ve never tried it before. Not only is it highly effective at cleaning and removing solder from Electronics projects, but it is also a much safer means of doing so, with very low chance of damaging components or circuitry during the desoldering process.


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Solderwick Chem-Wik 2.5mm X 1.5m

Solderwick Chem-Wik 2.5mm X 1.5m