JCU 858D Hot Air Rework Station - 700W - Cover Expand

JCU 858D Hot Air Rework Station - 700W



The JCU 858D Hot Air Rework Station offers a low-cost, high-effect solution for desoldering, SMD work and more – all in a small but powerful package.

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For anyone who loves Electronics, and Making various circuits for unique projects, there will have come a time in your Making career that you needed to desolder certain components. However, desoldering is not quite as simple as it may sound, and can actually be a lot more complicated than Soldering, which is why fantastic tools like this JCU 858D Hot Air Rework Station have been created.

The JCU 858D Hot Air Rework Station is built in accordance to the ever-classic 858D design, and is made to offer a low-cost solution for what typically used to be a very expensive piece of equipment. And while it doesn’t have all the bells, whistles and accessories that expensive desoldering or reworking stations offer, it does precisely what it needs to: and does a damn good job of it too!

In terms of the technical specifications of this unit, it features relatively simple controls, with a potentiometer for the fan speed control and two basic buttons to raise and lower the temperature. The heating unit within the JCU 858D is a relatively beefy 700W element, while the fan is a brushless blower fan that produces soft air. This allows for easy control over both the temperature and the flow of the air, while the addition of a reed-switch and Magnets in the handle and the holder also helps to reduce the chances of unexpected or unnecessary damage.


JCU 858D Hot Air Rework Station  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model

– JCU 858D

  • Power Consumption

– 700W

  • Airflow Pump Style

– Brushless Blower Fan

  • Max Airflow Rating

– 120L Per Minute

  • Adjustable Temperature Range

– 100° to 450°C

  • Display Style

– Digital LED Display

  • Handle Cord Length

– 120cm

  • Noise Rating

– ≤45dB

  • Safety Shutoff Protection

– Reed Switch/Magnet Combo in Handle/Holder   

  • Weight

– 1.55kg

  • Dimensions

– 138 x 100 x 150mm


Typical Applications for the JCU 858D Hot Air Rework Station:

Although hot air stations like the JCU 858D Hot Air Rework Station are typically only used by advanced Makers, this has primarily been due to the typical high costs that these tools have carried over the years. However, as technologies have advanced and the costs of now-commonplace Components have drastically reduced, these stations are now much more affordable, and are not only reserved for professional setups anymore.

With that in mind, these hot air rework stations are now great tools for almost anyone and everyone who loves Making and Prototyping circuitry from scratch. Not only does it offer precise temperatures for resoldering or removing components safely from boards, but it can also be used for reflow soldering, fixing up slightly sloppy soldering, as well as for shrinking tubes of heatshrink without risking any flame or heat damage from uncontrolled sources like gas lighters or Soldering Irons.

If you love Making, and have always wanted a reliable hot air rework station (only to be dissuaded by the typical high costs) then this JCU 858D unit may be the solution you’ve been eagerly awaiting.


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