Solderwick Pro’sKit 2mm x 1.5m - Cover Expand

Solderwick Pro’sKit 2mm x 1.5m



These spools of Pro’sKit Solderwick are the ideal solution for soldering mistakes or messy connections, greatly simplifying electronics repairs.

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Being able to solder is an awesome skill, as it lets you build awesome Electronics projects simply from a handful of components, a PCB or protoboard, and some time to connect it all together with molten metal. However, it’s also surprisingly easy to make mistakes when Soldering, and this can often lead to frustration or, worse yet, ruined projects from unexpected shorts or electrical faults. Fortunately, even when joining various Components, wiring and modules together with molten metal, small mistakes are relatively easy to fix, and this is especially so if you have handy tools like this 2mm Solderwick from Pro’sKit, which is 1.5 meters in length and ready to suck up any loose solder in seconds.

These spools of solderwick are made from braided copper, with a no-clean flux applied to the entire length, and this design is so that you can suck solder right off the board, out of pin holes, or even directly off the end of your soldering iron if that’s what you need. It is used by simply applying the end of the solderwick to the solder you need cleaned, then heating it up and waiting for the solderwick to pull all of the solder off the board or components and into the wick. This turns common soldering disasters into simple little mistakes, allowing you to fix any “mis-solders”, and get straight back to creating your next electronics masterpiece without having to waste any more time or effort than necessary.


Pro’sKit 9DP Series Solderwick  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Length

– 1.5m                                               

  • Width

– 2mm

  • Braid Material

– Copper

  • Series

– Pro’sKit 9DP Range

  • Standard Shelf Life

– 2 Years

  • Post-Cleaning

– Not Necessary


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Solderwick Pro’sKit 2mm x 1.5m

Solderwick Pro’sKit 2mm x 1.5m