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Solder Iron Tip Cleaner



This Solder Iron Tip Cleaner has a gold stand and holds solder cleaning wire, which is an upgrade from typical sponge or water cleaning techniques.

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Soldering is an easy and effective way of connecting components with soft, meltable metals, but can get messy sometimes thanks to the way solder melts and hardens so quickly. This is what makes a Solder Iron Tip Cleaner like this such a great investment for Makers and electronics enthusiasts who love soldering. When compared to old sponge and water cleaning techniques, these tools are much easier to use and are cleaner, since the thin ribbon-like strips of metal within the container essentially scrape off the melted solder without damaging the soldering iron tip.

Whereas a sponge may get saturated with melted metal and eventually scratch the soldering iron tip, and water cleaning techniques force a substantial temperature difference on the tip, these strips gently scrape and catch the melted metal bits. This prolongs the life of soldering tips, while keeping your solder station clean and tidy and helping to maintain high soldering tip temperatures.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stand Colour

– Gold

  • Dimensions

– 7 x 6.9 x 6.9cm

Typical Applications for the Solder Iron Tip Cleaner:

This Solder Iron Tip Cleaner is a great investment for anyone who solders often, and it helps in three ways. First, it helps prolong the life of soldering iron tips by offerings a clean and easy way to clean melted solder off. Second, it reduces the amount of metal bits by catching and holding the bits of dried solder within an enclosure. Third, it helps to maintain high temperatures as there is no water involved or friction of the sponge that would typically reduce the temperature of the tip. These features make it a worthwhile investment, especially for the low price, and ensures your soldering iron stays in great shape for many more soldering sessions.

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Solder Iron Tip Cleaner

Solder Iron Tip Cleaner