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This Digital Peristaltic Pump utilises clever tubing and rollers to pump fluids without any contact with the liquids being pumped.

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While the majority of people will all share the same basic image when thinking about pumps, there are actually a wider range of different kinds of pumps than many would imagine. One of the more unique pumps is the peristaltic pump, like this Digital Peristaltic Pump from DFRobot, which pumps fluids or suspended solids in a different way to standard swimming pool or aquarium pumps. It works by placing a tube within an enclosure, and then using a motor with roller wheels to compress and recess the pipes, creating a positive displacement vacuum to pull the fluids into the tubing while simultaneously pushing it out of the other side.

The first major benefit of these pumps, compared to the common pumps that most people are accustomed to, is that these pumps are completely isolated from the fluids, and never actually come into contact with the fluids that they are moving. This is ideal for medical or refining processes, as it removes the possibility of contamination, ensuring that no small pieces of metal or plastic from wear and tear, or any other contaminants from outside the isolated feed path, mix into the fluids.

The second major benefit that these pumps offer is that they can also work independently of the fluids, capable of running both forwards and backwards, as well as pumping just air without any negative effects. This allows users to continuously run the pump without worrying about additional stresses or maintenance, ensuring that the pump is potentially always ready to pull or push fluids to precisely where they need to be – even if the fluids are only introduced to the system in short or limited bursts.

Finally, these peristaltic pumps are an excellent choice if you need to pump a very specific amount of fluid through the system, as each rotation of the motor can be quantified into specific doses of the fluid. This is incredibly important in medicine, refinement and other similar processes, in which specific quantities are critical and the equipment needs to be able to offer reliable, repeatable doses each and every time.

This kit consists of the Peristaltic Pump, the specialised Driver Board, a 1m long silicone tube, as well as a 10mL plastic measuring cylinder.


Digital Peristaltic Pump  -  Driver Board Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 5V to 6V DC

  • Max Continuous Operating Current

– 1.8A

  • Peak Current

– 2.5A

  • Quiescent Current

– <1mA (No PPM Signal Input)

  • PPM Signal Resolution

– 1µs

  • Positive Pulse Width of PPM Signal

– 500µs to 2500µs

  • Forward Pulse Width Range

– 500µs to 1400µs (500µs Max Forward Speed)

  • Stop Pulse Width Range

– 1400µs to 1600µs

  • Inverted Pulse Width Range

– 1600µs to 2500µs (2500µs Max Inverted Speed)

  • PPM Frequency

  50Hz (Servo Signal Control)

  • Cable and Connector

– 3Pin Cable with PH2.0 Connector (PH2.0-3P)

  • Dimensions

  27.4 x 28.7mm


Digital Peristaltic Pump  -  Pump Specifications:

  • Motor

– DC Motor

  • Rated Voltage

– 6V DC

  • Rated Power

– 5W

  • Tube Materials

– BPT (Similar to TPE)

  • Tube Dimensions

– 2.5mm ID / 4.5mm OD / 1m Length

  • Pump Head Material

– Engineering Plastics

  • Pulsation Method

– Three Rollers / Small Pulsation

  • Flow Rate

– ≥45ml/min

  • Rated Operating Temperatures

– +0 to +40°C

  • Rated Operating Humidity Levels

– Less than 80% Relative Humidity


Typical Applications for the Digital Peristaltic Pump:

These peristaltic pumps are very specialised pumps, offering the impressive benefits mentioned above, but at the cost of lower total output compared to conventional pumps. However, there are many different applications in which peristaltic pumps are the only real choice if you want isolation from fluids, fluid-independent operations, as well as accurate and repeatable dosing capabilities. If you’re looking for a more standardised pump, however, we also stock the Submersible Pump, which is also a reliable quality DFRobot product, but of course doesn’t offer the unique benefits that peristaltic pumps do.


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Digital Peristaltic Pump

Digital Peristaltic Pump

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