Water Flow Sensor YF-B6 (1-30 L/min , 1.5 MPa) Expand

Water Flow Sensor YF-B6 (1-30 L/min , 1.5 MPa)



This YF-B6 Water Flow Sensor is capable of measuring flow between 1 and 30 L/min at a maximum pressure of 1.5 MPa via the Magnetic Hall Effect.

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The YF-B6 Water Flow Sensor is a flow sensor that utilises the Magnetic Hall Effect to determine how much liquid is passing through. It is rated for between 1 and 30 litres per minute at a pressure of 1.5 MPa, and is ideal for a wide range of different projects involving the flow of liquids, such as watering the garden, brewing beer or simply keeping track of home water usage.

This sensor can be installed both horizontally and vertically, and has an operating voltage of between 3V and 24V DC. It operates on a duty cycle of about 50%, with a max pulse output voltage of >4.7V and a minimum of <0.5V at up to 15mA. These features enable it to be highly diverse in its usage, making it a top choice amongst our customers who are looking to precisely measure or control the flow of water or other liquids.


YF-B6 Water Flow Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number

– YF-B6

  • Material

– Brass

  • Sensor Type

– Magnetic Hall Effect

  • Connector

– Housing XH2.5-3P

  • Thread Type

– G 3/4

  • Mounting Type

– Horizontal or Vertical

  • Flow Rate

– 1-30 L/min

  • Flow Pulse

– F=6.6Q +- 3% (Q=L/min)

  • Working Voltage

– 5V - 15V DC

  • Working Current

– 15 mA

  • Suffering Pressure (Max)

– 1.5 MPa

  • Operating Temperature

– 0°C to 80°C

  • Minimum Insulation Resistance

– 100M Ohm

  • Output Pulse Duty Cycle

– 50% ± 10%

  •  Max Output Pulse Voltage

– >4.7V DC (Input 5V DC)

  • Min Pulse Input Voltage

– <0.5V DC (Input 5V DC)

  • Wire Connection

Terminal 1 (Red): VDD +

– Terminal 2 (Black): GND -

– Terminal 3 (Yellow): Signal VOut (GND Referenced/Open Drain , i.e. Requires Pull-Up)

  • Dimensions

– 60mm x 26mm


Typical Applications for the YF-B6 Water Flow Sensor:

Although the sensor alone is relatively simple, it can be used in conjunction with an Arduino Board or similar system to monitor and log the flow of liquids, or to control the amount of water or other liquids used. As a home water usage calculator, it can be connected up to a Data Logger or a Wi-Fi Module to record and even send usage stats to a server – or your mobile phone.

Common projects that our customers purchase YF-B6 Water Flow Sensor include:

  • Measuring the flow of water pumps in aquariums or heat pump systems.
  • Accurately filling containers or bottles with craft beer or other liquid products.
  • Watering a garden or flower bed with precise amounts of water – perhaps even depending on the weather and average temperatures throughout the day.

Within brewing or similar industries, it can track the flow of liquids and control how much liquid is being pumped, which is ideal for achieving precise measurements in vat-mixing or filling bottles with your product. Similarly, this sensor is great for measuring the amount of water used in a garden, which can not only help you provide the perfect amount of water for your plants, but can also help reduce water usage in areas suffering from minor drought.


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Water Flow Sensor YF-B6 (1-30 L/min , 1.5 MPa)

Water Flow Sensor YF-B6 (1-30 L/min , 1.5 MPa)