1Sheeld+ for Arduino – The Ultimate Smart Phone Multi-Shield Expand

1Sheeld+ for Arduino – The Ultimate Smart Phone Multi-Shield



The 1Sheeld+ for Arduino is a truly original and unique board from Egyptian Makers, and turns your Smart Phone into an amazing Multi-Sensor Shield.

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If you’re a big fan of technology, and enjoy integrating multiple different technologies to create even more impressive projects, then you are going to experience love at first sight when you see what the 1Sheeld+ for Arduino is capable of. This beautiful little Arduino Shield is often regarded as “The Ultimate Smart Phone Multi-Shield”, and has gotten this reputation from the way that it connects to Android and iOS smart phones in order to harness the numerous different sensors on the smart device. This not only allows Makers to experiment with and build exciting projects without having to invest in actual Sensor Modules, but also offers an incredible level of functionality that no other Shield in the world can offer.

In regards to the near-endless level of functionality that this shield offers, it can utilise almost every single sensor on a smart device, and this includes simple sensors like proximity, temperature and pressure, but also extends into the very advanced features like face detection, wink recognition, the full 6-Degree of Freedom gyroscope, location services and even online integration with Facebook and email. This opens up so many amazing possibilities, and allows Makers to not only create incredibly advanced projects, but also lets Makers enjoy an endless number of high level projects, without ever spending a cent on the actual Electronics Sensors.


Setting Up Your 1Sheeld+ for Arduino:

Setting up the 1Sheeld+ is surprisingly easy since Integreight, the Egyptian Makers responsible for the creation of this beautiful beast, have already built very user-friendly smart device applications for both Android and iOS. And after installing the app on your smart phone, the setup begins by choosing between 3.3V and 5V with the onboard toggle before attaching your 1Sheeld+ to whichever Arduino Board you’re using. After this, you need to switch the UART toggle to “Upload” mode, and then connect your 1Sheeld+ App to the shield by tethering with the integrated HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module. Finally, you can choose precisely which sensors you want to use on your smart phone, and then simply upload the corresponding libraries to your Arduino before switching the UART toggle back to “Operating” mode.

This entire process may sound a little complex at first, but once you’ve done it the first time it becomes incredibly easy, and with both Simple and Advanced example sketches provided for every single sensor that the shield supports, as well as a ridiculous amount of resources and example projects available online to learn from and utilise as templates for your own projects, Makers of all skill levels should have no trouble at all in utilising, learning from and creating truly unique and exciting projects with this awesome Arduino Shield – as long as they are willing to dedicate some time to learning and experimenting with the shield.

Please Note: It’s important to remember that, because the 1Sheeld+ uses the HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Module, it will only be compatible with smart devices that offer Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

Additionally, the face detection unfortunately only works on iOS currently, so if you have an Android smart device, this is something worth taking into consideration.

And finally, it’s very important to note the voltage requirements of your Arduino board, and then switch the onboard voltage toggle to the appropriate option BEFORE plugging the shield into the board. This will ensure that both the board and the shield are safe from unexpected damage caused by differing voltages on power-up.


The 1Sheeld+ Ultimate Smart Phone Multi-Shield  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V / 5V (Toggle Switch)

  • Modes of Operation

– Upload / Operate (UART Toggle Switch)         

  • Interface Support

– UART / Bluetooth

  • Integrated Bluetooth Module

– HM-10 Bluetooth BLE 4.0 Module

  • Bluetooth Support

– Bluetooth 4.0 BLE or Higher

  • Bluetooth Range

– ±10m (Dependent on Smart Device)

  • Operating Frequency

– 7.37MHz

  • Android Support

– Android 4.3 and Higher

  • iOS Support

– iOS 9.0 and Higher

  • Weight

– 18g

  • Dimensions

– 54 x 56mm


With the 1Sheeld+, you can finally throw away that massive collection of sensors, because your smart phone is the only multi-sensor you’ll ever need. The following are some of the software modules that are already available on the smart phone app. Some of these simply utilise the onboard Sensors on your phone, while others offer some extra Functionality that your phone is capable of. As such, this list defines how each software module is used, with some also offering both sensor and functionality usage, such as the game pad module, which utilises the display as the touch sensor, but also for displaying the interactive buttons – making it both Sensor and Function based:


Smart Phone Sensor Software Modules that the 1Sheeld+ for Arduino Includes:

  • Accelerometer          [Sensor]
  • Magnetometer          [Sensor]                                    
  • Buzzer          [Function]
  • Microphone          [Sensor]
  • Camera          [Sensor/Function]
  • Music Player          [Function]
  • Clock          [Function]
  • NFC          [Sensor/Function]        
  • Colour Detector          [Sensor/Function]
  • Notification          [Function]
  • Data Logger          [Function]
  • Orientation          [Sensor]
  • Email          [Function]
  • Pattern          [Sensor/Function]
  • Face Detection          [Sensor]
  • Phone          [Function]
  • Facebook          [Function]
  • Pressure          [Sensor]
  • Foursquare          [Function]
  • Proximity          [Sensor]
  • Game Pad          [Sensor/Function]
  • Push Button          [Function]
  • GLCD          [Sensor/Function]
  • Seven Segment          [Function]
  • GPS          [Sensor/Function]
  • Skype          [Function]
  • Gravity          [Sensor]
  • Slider          [Sensor/Function]
  • Gyroscope          [Sensor]
  • Temperature          [Sensor]
  • Internet          [Function]
  • Terminal          [Function]
  • Keyboard          [Sensor/Function]
  • Text to Speech          [Sensor/Function]
  • Keypad          [Sensor/Function]
  • Toggle Button          [Sensor/Function]
  • LCD          [Function]
  • Twitter          [Function]
  • LED          [Function]
  • Vibration          [Function]
  • Light          [Sensor]
  • Voice Recogniser          [Sensor/Function]


Typical Applications for The 1Sheeld+ Ultimate Smart Phone Multi-Shield:

If you’re looking for an awesome new toy that can offer hours and hours of fun in experimentation, learning and building cool projects, the 1Sheeld+ Multi-Shield for Arduino is a versatile and surprisingly affordable choice. From building simple projects that react according to the sound levels, vibration or humidity of the environment, to advanced projects that utilise wink recognition or specific colour-card combinations as passwords for access control, there aren’t a lot of things that this shield can’t do.

Of course, this functionality is extended even further when you consider the fact that you can utilise multiple sensors on your smart device simultaneously, and you aren’t simply confined to using one sensor or function at a time. This means you can, for example, utilise face detection along with voice recognition, as well as camera and email integration, so that your project automatically sends you an email when a face is detected at your front door, sending you a picture of who is there, and even including an audio snippet or personal message from them. However, this is just one example of how this shield’s multi-functionality can work to offer even more impressive results, and we look forward to hearing about all of the amazing projects that each of you awesome Makers come up with yourselves.

In addition to the near-excessive level of functionality that these shields offer, another amazing aspect about these Arduino Shields is that they can also be used for very involved but inexpensive Prototyping. And instead of deciding on a project to build, getting the sensors that you think you need, and then reiterating and purchasing different sensors according to your initial findings, you can simply use the sensors that already exist on your smart device to prototype your project, before making the final decision of whether the project is worth following through with. Then, once you have a good idea of what your project will need in order to achieve the desired results, you can purchase the right parts and components to create a permanent version of your project, freeing your 1Sheeld+ for more Prototyping on a different project.


Additional Resources:

  • The Official Arduino 1Sheeld+ Website, powered by Egyptian Makers and ready to offer awesome insights into the installation, usage and functionality of the 1Sheeld+, as well as up-to-date Arduino Libraries for all of the different functions of the shield.
  • The Official 1Sheeld+ Tutorials Portal, which is a great place to get started with ideas, before advancing these basic tutorial projects into your own custom creations.
  • Finally, this is the 1Sheeld+ Arduino Project Zone, where users have shared some of the awesome projects that they’ve built. Use these as basic templates for your own projects, or simply admire the awesome results that some users have achieved – before adding your (even better!) projects to the ever-expanding collection.


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