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ProtoShield with Breadboard



The ProtoShield with Breadboard Kit is the ideal package for Arduino prototyping – Modular design attaches directly onto Arduinos Uno, Mega and Duemilanove.

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This ProtoShield with Breadboard Kit is the ideal starting point for any Makers or Arduino enthusiasts to start experimenting and Prototyping with. Designed to be used with the Arduino UNO, Duemilanove and Mega, this kit makes prototyping easy and includes a 170 tie-point breadboard with an adhesive backing – to stick it directly onto the shield for neat and easy access.

In a similar fashion to other Arduino Shields, this kit plugs directly onto the top of a compatible board as a modular extension, allowing for whatever circuit you prototype to conveniently connect directly to the board via the J0A, J1A, J2A and J3A sets of pins. This not only makes it easy to install a prototyped module onto an already existing Arduino project, but also allows the expansion to be Plug ‘n’ Play – capable of providing enhanced functionality to your project whenever you need it.

The breadboard included can be adhered over the empty holes that aren’t being used on the board, and has a groove in the middle to allow for DIP Integrated Circuits or chips to be installed across, with the added benefit of offering extra heat dispersion beneath the chips. The PCB also features an on/off button as well as an additional general purpose button that you can connect to whatever you need to.

Technical Specifications:

  • Switches

– 2 (1 x Power Button) + (1 x General Purpose)

  • LEDs

– 3 (2 x Test Lights) + (1 x Power Light)

  • Arduino Compatibility

– Uno; Duemilanove; Mega; Shield PCBs

  • Breadboard Tie-Points

– 170

  • Breadboard Dimensions

– 4.7 x 3.5 x 0.9cm (1.85in x 1.37in x 0.35in)

  • PCB Dimensions

– 6.8 x 5.4 x 2cm (2.67in x 2.12in x 0.78in)

  • PCB Weight

– 31g


Typical Applications for the ProtoShield with Breadboard Kit:

Because this ProtoShield with Breadboard Kit is designed for experimentation and prototyping, the possibilities for it are truly only limited by your imagination. In fact, you can stack multiple of these on top of each other and really take your project to the next level. With this in mind, some of the more interesting projects that Makers have enjoyed with these kits includes:

  • Automating your home and controlling the lights, appliances and even the opening and closing of cupboards and faucets via WiFi.
  • Building a solar-charged battery-powered system to power your Arduino projects, enhancing their portability and energy-efficiency.
  • Designing a smart-robot that avoids obstacles and can be controlled via a web-based interface – Thus making it compatible with all types of devices and computers.

As you can see, the ProtoShield and Breadboard kit can essentially boost the ability and functionality of any Arduino project, as it basically gives you a free canvas to enhance your project with whatever you think it needs. Whether you want to add two extra LCD screens to your PC-hardware-monitor or want to give your robot the ability to detect and avoid rain, this kit can help you do it.

Because of the sheer value that the ProtoShield and Breadboard Kit offers to Arduino enthusiasts, we make sure to include it in our Arduino Kits, which are ideal packages for beginners to start learning with, or for veterans to add to their ever-expanding electronics toolbox.

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ProtoShield with Breadboard

ProtoShield with Breadboard