Arduino UNO ProtoShield with Breadboard Expand

Arduino UNO ProtoShield with Breadboard



The Arduino UNO ProtoShield is the perfect launchpad to start crafting your very own unique Shield, with a 170TP breadboard for extra customisation.

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If you’re an experienced electronics enthusiast or avid Maker who is looking to build your own circuitry and design your own custom Arduino Shields, then this Arduino UNO ProtoShield with Breadboard is an amazing starting point for beginning your next adventure into custom-circuitry! Featuring a full array of contact points and terminals for various Electronics Modules and components, as well as included headers that natively fit Arduino microcontrollers, there aren’t many projects that you can’t achieve when using this ProtoShield as an initial foundation.

In terms of versatility, this ProtoShield comes fully equipped with more connector points and terminals than most people would even use, allowing Makers to integrate audio and Display Modules, various sensors, communications terminals, and even onboard LED’s and buttons for testing circuits or performing a range of customised functions. The included breadboard has 170 tie points, and the adhesive backing allows it to be stuck directly onto the PCB wherever you need to, while the built-in pin headers are natively compatible with the Arduino UNO R2 & R3 boards – All adding extras layers of potential functionality to what many would perceive as a relatively simple protoboard.

Please Note: You will need to use this board in conjunction with an Arduino UNO R3 Board, which is not included with this product. Additionally, only the 170TP Breadboard featured in the images above is included with this shield, and any other products are for demonstration purposes only.


Arduino UNO ProtoShield with Breadboard  -  Technical Specifications:

  • LED Indicators

– 2

  • Onboard Buttons

– 2 (1 x Reset / 1 x General Purpose)

  • Breadboard Tie Points

– 170

  • Dimensions (Breadboard)

– 44 x 34 x 10mm

  • Dimensions (ProtoShield)

– 70 x 55 x 20mm

  • Weight (Breadboard)

– 8g

  • Weight (ProtoShield)

– 25g


Typical Applications for the Arduino UNO ProtoShield with Breadboard:

Due to the sheer versatility of the Arduino UNO ProtoShield, as well as the multi-functional style of the breadboard, this ProtoShield can be used within almost any project imaginable. Whether you want to Prototype a completely new project from scratch, or are eager to integrate further expansions into an existing project, this ProtoShield is a valuable and easy-to-use option.


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Arduino UNO ProtoShield with Breadboard

Arduino UNO ProtoShield with Breadboard