Tactile Push 12mm Button 2-Pack Expand

Tactile Push 12mm Button



12mm Tactile Push Buttons for prototyping and basic electronics, designed to be easy to press and simple to integrate into projects.

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This little 12mm tactile push button is a great way to add interactivity to your project, offering a means of interfacing that not only looks great, but also feels great to use as well. Featuring 4 strong pins and a neat silver bezel around the press-plate, and are also included within in our big SMD Switch Kit.

What makes these switches quite interesting is that, unlike many other buttons that simply close the circuit by connecting two pins, this switch has a total of four pins, set up in pairs that are always connected. Then, when the switch is pressed down, it connects the two pairs together. So, with the switch positioned so that the pins are located on the left and right sides of the panel, the two top pins are always connected in pair, while the two bottom pins are also connected in pair. With the switch still in this orientation, when the switch is pressed, the top pair is then connected to the bottom pair, and this allows you to utilise the normally-open functionality from corner to corner, or from one pin to the other situated on the same edge.

Whether you want to add a temporary on button, a reset button or any other kind of momentary functionality to your Electronics projects, these buttons are excellent all-rounders for almost any applications. Their reasonably small size ensures that they never take up too much unnecessary space, while the relatively large size of the press-plate ensures that they are easy to press for users of any age.

Please Note: These units are sold in minimum quantities of two (2), so as to save on delivery costs and reduce the overall price for each unit.


Small Tactile Push Button  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Buttons Type

– Momentary Push

  • Buttons Colour

– Black (Silver Bezel)              

  • Buttons Size

– 12mm (Square)

  • Number of Pins

– 4


Typical Applications for these 12mm Small Tactile Push Buttons:

These 12mm Tactile Push Buttons are ideal for Prototyping and building custom electronics circuitry, and are designed to be both easy to use and easy to integrate into almost any kind of project. Just remember that smaller buttons will naturally have less insulation, so be aware of this fact before using it for high current or high voltage applications, to ensure that you avoid any potential hazards relating to electrical leaks and similar possibilities. And as a final suggestion, we typically only rate these tiny switches for around 50mA at 12V DC.


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Tactile Push 12mm Button

Tactile Push 12mm Button