JST Connector 100mm Expand

JST RCY Connector 100mm



JST RCY Connectors are cables for RC vehicles, for high efficiency low voltage transfer – Ideal for applications requiring 10A or less.

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This set of male and female 100mm JST RCY Connectors, also known as BEC connectors, are made for RC vehicles, for very low voltage applications at up to 10A or less. They are commonly used as connectors for Batteries, chargers and power packs, typically with 2.5mm pitch pins and 20AWG leads. One of the greatest benefits about these connectors are that they are keyed so that power cannot run through them the wrong way, which helps to protect batteries as well as Electronics Components from electrical mishaps or faults.

This set of JST RCY connectors come as a male and a female pair, with open wires on the other ends of each wire. This enables you to connect a wide range of different components together, with a simple connection style that is easy to engage and disengage as necessary. The connections formed from the male and female headers are also very reliable, as they fit together securely with high friction. As such, you never have to worry about these cables coming loose spontaneously, keeping your RC vehicles on the right track – or flight path – and safe from unexpected harm.

These pairs of JST Electronics Cables come in sets of red and black, with red housings on the end, and cannot be plugged in upside down. This helps to maintain colour-coordination and ensures that you never plug in your components the wrong way around – keeping your components, as well as other parts of your circuit or RC vehicle, safe from electrical damage.


JST RCY Connector  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connection Type

– JST RCY Connector (1 x Male / 1 x Female)

  • Number of Cables

– 2

  • Wire Size

– 20AWG

  • Pin Pitch

– 2.5mm

  • Rated Voltage

– 250V

  • Rated Current

– 3A

  • Cable Length

– 100mm

  • Cable Colours

– Red / Black


Typical Applications for the these Handy JST RCY Connectors:

For Makers and RC enthusiasts who want to guarantee the safety of their batteries, components and circuitry, there are no better options than these 100mm JST RCY Connectors. With keyed and locking headers, they are some of the safest and easiest to use cables available. In fact, some Makers even use these cables for other non-RC applications as well, due to the great benefits they offer while still maintaining a competitive price versus other connectors.


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JST RCY Connector 100mm

JST RCY Connector 100mm