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Red Line Laser Module

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This little Class 3a 5mW Red Line Laser Module shines a 650nm red laser line for easily measuring or defining precise angles and distances.

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This Red Line Laser Module is a Class 3a 650nm laser that shines a focused red line, made for measuring angles and distances with high precision. It has a 12mm diameter housing and a focusable lens, with a standard red and black pair of wires for connecting the module to a power source or for integrating it into a circuit or system. The low operating voltage of between 3V and 5V means that it can be powered from any low voltage control board like an Arduino UNO or similar board, which also allows it to become automated or controlled in unique ways with the right components and a little bit of coding.

Although this laser module is not powerful enough to cause excessive damage in short bursts, it’s of course never a good idea to shine any lasers directly into the eyes or onto the skin of humans or animals. Lasers can not only cause temporary damage to skin or eyes, but can also easily distract drivers or pilots, so be sure to avoid shining this laser in public spaces so as to avoid any potential harm or problems relating to laser blindness.


5mW Red Line Laser Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Output Power

– 5mW                                                       

  • Operating Voltage

– 3V to 5V

  • Laser Model Number

– SYD1230

  • Laser Shape

– Line Laser

  • Laser Focus Method

– Adjustable Lens

  • Lens Material

– Glass

  • Length

– 40mm

  • Outer Diameter

– 12mm


Typical Applications for these Red Line Laser Modules:

The SYD1230 Class 3a Red Line Laser Module is ideal for measuring distances and angles, or for defining such variables in manufacturing processes. A great example of this laser in action is for cutting, trimming and other machining purposes, in which the laser forms the line that needs to be machined – with high accuracy due to the high precision of the laser line. Other examples include using these Laser Modules for textile fabrication, tile and brick positioning in construction, sheet metal marking or even aiming for tools or weaponry.

With such a diverse range of use cases for these lasers, it’s easy to see why they are some of the most popular laser modules on the market.


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Red Line Laser Module

Red Line Laser Module

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