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This USB OTG Cable allows for OTG-capable devices to connect to and interact with external USB peripherals like keyboards, printers and flash drives.

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If you’ve always wanted to plug in a keyboard, external controller or even a larger screen to your phone, then you will be delighted to find out about the USB OTG Cable. These types of USB Cables allow OTG-capable smart devices to act as USB hosts, capable of reading and operating external devices and peripherals like a computer would. This includes mice, keyboards and other devices, as well as printers and larger machines too.

With a micro USB Male connector on one end and a Standard USB Female connector on the other, you can plug almost any standard USB device, tool or machine in and natively interact with it via OTG (On-The-Go). Just be sure to check your device’s compatibility with the Easy OTG Checker app, as connecting peripherals with this cable could cause damage if the device is not capable of OTG connections.


USB OTG Cable  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connections

– Micro USB Male to Standard USB Female

  • Smart Device Compatibility

– Android (Easy OTG Compatibility Checker)

  • USB Compatibility

– USB1.1, USB2.0

  • Cable Colour

– Black

  • Cable Length

– 10cm


Typical Applications for USB OTG Cables:

A USB OTG Cable like this one can be used for a variety of different applications on a compatible smart device, with the most common being to plug in external keyboards and other peripherals. However, many users purchase these cables specifically to be used for:

  • Adding a WiFi dongle that is powered by the phone but provides a separate internet connection.
  • Plugging in external controllers like an Xbox control or our SNES Game Controller to comfortably play games or interact with apps.
  • Increasing the smart device’s space with flash drives and external hard drives – Hot-swappable of course so that you can carry entire playlists in your pocket.

Just remember though, that this OTG cable may not work on all smart devices. So be sure to use the compatibility checker before investing so as to avoid any possible disappointment. Additionally, OTG typically relies on FAT32, so be sure to choose this format when setting up flash drives or external drives, since NTFS may not always work well.


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