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The G-tron SNES Game Controller is designed to mimic the feel of classic controllers – Equipped with a 122 cm USB cable and Plug ‘n’ Play capabilities.

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Nothing can quite beat the fond old memories of playing video games in front of the television with the classic light and colourful controllers, which is why so many people are falling in love with this SNES Game Controller. Built to feel as close to the original as possible and designed to Plug ‘n’ Play with most modern PCs and Raspberry Pi’s, this controller is as easy to use as it is affordable.

The 16 bit controller features the classic 8 buttons from the original, including the two shoulder buttons, and a directional pad, all built with modern components which should last far longer than the classics. It comes with a 122 cm cord with USB connection and is coloured in the old Japanese Famicon colour style.

Please note that it may require drivers to be used with Android, iPhone or Mac systems with Yosemite OS X or earlier, although these drivers are relatively easy to find through internet searches and forums.


SNES Game Controller  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Buttons

– 8 (A, B, X, Y, Start, Select, Left/Right Shoulder) +Directional Pad

  • Button Colour Profile

– Japanese Famicon Colours

  • Connection Type

– Standard USB - Plug ‘n’ Play

  • Cord Length

– 122 cm

  • Drivers Required

– None

  • Native Compatibility

– PC, Raspberry Pi, Mac: El Capitan OS X


Typical Applications for the SNES Game Controller:

While most people will look at this SNES Game Controller and simply be excited for playing old games on a nostalgic retro-style controller, its clever design actually allows it to be used for a variety of other applications. As such, Makers have used this controller for projects like:

  • Repainting it to turn it into a Raspberry Pi flight controller, with 8 programmable buttons and a direction pad acting as a wide range of motion controls.
  • Building a retro-arcade with different controllers for different types of games – With this controller specifically included for SNES and NES ROMs.
  • Designing a retro-style belt with the controller as the belt buckle and the buttons either playing audio cues or theme songs of your favourite games from the past – With flashing LEDs built into it of course.

Whether you simply want to enjoy the same old feel of playing classic games on a classic controller, or are keen to use it as a Human Interface Device for any of your home projects, this SNES Game Controller is a great choice.


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