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32GB SD Card - Flashed with “NOOBS” for Raspberry Pi

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This 32GB SD Card is pre-flashed with “NOOBS” for Raspberry Pi, making your life as a “Pi-Maker” as easy as possible – Available in 16GB & 32GB.

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Raspberry Pi boards are amazing pieces of equipment that are far more capable than people expect, and despite the hundreds of different projects and applications that Makers have used Raspberry Pi Boards for in the past, there are still thousands of potential projects still waiting to be done. This is why we have chosen to stock these ultra-handy 32GB SD Cards with Pre-Flashed Pi Software, so that you don’t have to learn all about how to get your operating system up and running, but can instead get straight to the most enjoyable part of being a Pi owner – Making awesome Pi projects to add fun, functionality or just a little bit of novelty to your life.

This 32GB SD Card has been specially Pre-Flashed with “NOOBS” for Raspberry Pi, which is the ultimate Beginner’s “Starter Software” that stands for New Out Of the Box Software. It is a beginner-friendly operating system that contains Raspbian and LibreELEC, of which Raspbian is the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s official supported operating system, with LibreELEC acting as a complementary software that adds extra functionality like Kodi, Netflix and Amazon to an already great OS.

This is primarily designed for user convenience, allowing Makers like you to simply dive straight into the Raspberry Pi fun without having to create your own SD Card “Hard Drive” for you Pi. This ultimately saves you a lot of valuable time and hassle, and making your early steps into mastering the Pi as easy as possible – regardless of your starting skill level. This makes it great for kids, adults, students and even really smart pets, with loads of Raspberry Pi Resources and tutorials available all over the internet to help you in every step of the way, from deciding on which project to do, all the way through to taking your project to the final production stage if that’s what you’re ultimately eager for.

As a final note, if you love the idea of having all of the NOOBS Flashing hassles done for you, but you would like a basic setup before moving onto bigger, better and more badass projects, then consider getting the smaller 16GB Pre-Flashed NOOBS SD Card, and then upgrading later to a larger or more specialised SD card once you’ve decided on the project you want to enjoy.


32GB Pre-Flashed SD Cards for Pi  -  Technical Specifications:

  • SD Card Type

– MicroSD Card with Full SD Adapter                     

  • Storage Capacity

– 32GB

  • Pre-Flashed Operating System

NOOBS: New Out Of Box Software

  • Speed Class

– Class 10

  • Ultra High Speed Class

– UHS-1


Typical Applications for these 32GB NOOBS Pre-Flashed SD Cards:

Although these SD Cards have the NOOBS software flashed onto them, they are essentially just standard microSD Cards with full SD adapters. This means that you can utilise them for any other typical SD card tasks, although we would recommend simply acquiring a non-flashed 16GB MicroSD Card, or the larger 32GB MicroSD Card or 64GB MicroSD Card if you don’t plan on using the NOOBS software.

In fact, once Raspberry Pi users learn to master the craft, many choose to install other operating systems and software packages, since some are better-tailored to specific applications like home media centres or external AdBlockers for their routers. However, everyone needs some place to start, which is why these cards are great, as they give you a good starting point to begin learning about Raspberry Pi, and then they can be overwritten once you’ve garnered a better understanding of precisely what you want from your Pi.


Additional Resources:

  • For a more insightful rundown of what NOOBS actually is, and why it’s a great option for both beginners and veterans in the world of Pi-Making, be sure to check out this Introducing NOOBS Software Guide on the official Raspberry Pi website.


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32GB SD Card - Flashed with “NOOBS” for Raspberry Pi

32GB SD Card - Flashed with “NOOBS” for Raspberry Pi

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