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PIR Sensor Detector Module



This handy little PIR Motion Sensor Module is a motion-based switch for lighting, motors or any other components in interactive or reactive projects.

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Creating cool and funky projects is one of the best things about being a Maker, (that, and being able to fix things when they break) but what always makes projects even better is when you make them interactive or reactive in some kind of way. This includes basic LED & Lighting projects, all the way through to Desktop Robot Buddies, which can be built to interact with people around them, or to react in unique or unexpected ways when they sense motion, heat or other environmental variables.

This is why we love little Sensor Modules like this PIR Sensor Motion Detector Module, which is technically a heat sensor, but acts in the same way that many other motion sensors do. It operates on the nearly-universal 5V that is used for many different microcontrollers, but can also operate on as high as 12V if necessary, with the output being 3.3V when triggered, and 0V when idle. This makes it really easy to use, as you simply need to provide VCC and GND on the outermost pins, and then receive the signal from the middle pin, which should either register as HIGH or LOW depending on whether the sensor has been activated or is standing idle.

In terms of onboard features, this PIR Motion Sensor Module offers onboard sensitivity control and timing control to accommodate various environments and project requirements. Solder pads are available for you to configure a single-trigger or continuous-trigger – all of which depend on precisely what your project will be doing after receiving the signal. It is capable of sensing motion at up to 7m away in ideal conditions, and employs a wide 120-degree sensing angle that makes it ideal for corridors, entryways and other relatively large but confined spaces where people or animals may be passing by.

Please Note: This sensor is really good at identifying large, warm moving bodies, but struggles with smaller objects, and as such may not be the best choice for projects that need to sense smaller animals or similar entities. Furthermore, this sensor is also more effective at further distances, and as such should be installed as far as possible from the location that needs to be monitored for motion.

Additional Note: When powering up this sensor module, it takes around 1 minute to self-calibrate to its surroundings. During this time, it will activate between 0 and 3 times before going into idle state after the minute is over. We have found that sometimes this calibration is shorter, but it’s a good idea to keep it in mind if your sensor module is not behaving like you expect.


PIR Sensor Motion Detector Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V to 12V DC                                                                 

  • Typical Power Consumption

– 65mA

  • Typical Quiescent Consumption

– <50μA

  • Output TTL Signal

– 3.3V HIGH

– 0V LOW

  • Lock Time

– 0.2 Seconds

  • Trigger Modes (Onboard Solder Pads)

– L: Single-Event Trigger

– H: Repetitive Trigger

  • Sensitivity Settings

– Potentiometer for Distance

– Potentiometer for Time Delay

  • Sensing Range

– Up to 7m Maximum

– Recommended 3m Minimum

  • Sensing Angle

– 120°

  • Sensing Direction

– Left to Right / Longitudinal

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -15° to +70°C

  • Weight

– 5g

  • Dimensions (Including Lens)

– 32 x 24 x 24mm


Typical Applications for these PIR Sensor Motion Detector Module:

By using the electromagnetic waves generated by heat, these PIR Motion Sensors detect not only motion, but hot-motion – and no, we’re talking about sexy people, but rather just the heat of the human body. Of course, it also works for other living things, but is primarily designed to notice when humans pass by the sensor, as it can easily spot our large bodies of heat moving from place to place. With this information, this sensor then compares the left side of the sensing material from the right side, and then activates if there is a sudden, notable difference between the sides. This way, it is highly effective at identifying when a living being is passing from one side to the other, and this makes it ideal for projects that need to turn on or react when someone gets close – such as with automatic lighting in corridors, or possibly even just to notify you when someone walks up to your front door.


Additional Resources:

  • When first starting off with this sensor module, it’s a good idea to read through this awesome PIR Motion Sensor Tutorial on the Arduino Project Hub, as it covers all of the fine details behind getting this module to work, as well troubleshooting if you run into any problems.
  • After looking through that previous tutorial, if you’re still running into troubles with this module, check out this Arduino Motion Detector Tutorial on Circuit Digest, which is similar to the previous tutorial, but covers a few extras that might be beneficial.


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PIR Sensor Detector Module

PIR Sensor Detector Module