LilyPad Accelerometer Module Expand

LilyPad Accelerometer Module



This little LilyPad Accelerometer can be sewed into fabrics and clothing, to measure acceleration and tilt for advanced “LED Party Suits”!

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Working with electronics and LED’s can be a load of fun, but very often after completing a project we are faced with the conundrum of “Now how do we show this project off to as many people as possible?”

This is why we are excited to extend our LilyPad range with goodies like this LilyPad Accelerometer, which is based on the ADXL335 Accelerometer Chip and perfectly compatible with the original Arduino LilyPad UNO to give your e-textile projects even more functionality than ever before. With this little module, you can sew electronics directly into fabrics and clothing to make LED’s and other components light up and activate as the accelerometer is moved, tilted and accelerated in various directions. In fact, when used in conjunction with modules like the LilyPad Button Module and the LilyPad Tri-Colour Module, you can create your own orchestrated spectacle that can interact with people around you or react according to subtle controls hidden away in a collar or sleeve.

Ideally, these modules should be integrated into the sleeves or legs of clothing for optimal movement, and can simply operate according to how fast each limb is moving, or can be programmed into entire gesture-based systems that provide completely different results as you spell out words or symbols with whatever limbs the LilyPad Accelerometer is attached to.


LilyPad Accelerometer Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 3.3V to 5V DC                                    

  • Voltage Output (Per Axis)

– 0V to 3V DC

  • Directional Axes

– X / Y / Z

  • Accelerometer Chip

– ADXL335

  • PCB Thickness

– 0.8mm

  • Diameter

– 20mm


Typical Applications for the ADXL335 based LilyPad Accelerometer Module:

If you love the idea of turning plain old boring clothes into exciting electronics masterpieces, then this LilyPad Accelerometer is definitely a good addition to your electronics toolbox. It is ideal for gesture-related commands for LED suits and other e-textiles, and can measure both acceleration and tilt via relatively simple trigonometry. So, if you’ve always dreamed of adding specific dance move gestures into your e-clothing so that your suit shines when you do the Bus Driver or sparkles as you pull the Sprinkler, then you can’t pass up on the opportunity to get the LilyPad Accelerometer involved in the action.


Additional Resources:


ARLPADADXL335 - Datasheet

ARLPADADXL335 - ADXL335 Datasheet

Download (417.02k)

ARLPADADXL335 - Schematic

ARLPADADXL335 - LilyPad-Accelerometer - Schematic

Download (13.09k)

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LilyPad Accelerometer Module

LilyPad Accelerometer Module