Solder Flux 50 Gram Expand

Solder Flux 50 Gram



This tiny 50 Gram tub of Solder Flux is ideal for creating a smooth, insulated surface for soldering – Neutral PH level to reduce IC/PCB corrosion.

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This little tub of 50g Solder Flux is a great solution for soldering IC and PCB components, and is designed with a neutral PH level to reduce any chances of corrosion or damage. It is used to create a smooth surface for solder, while insulating the melted metals from corrosive air while they are in a volatile state. This helps to ensure quality solder points without any damage, while the high bond strength helps to maintain a strong, durable connection by protecting the solder point from any other damage that may happen once connected.

Finally, the paste form that this flux comes in also means it will only melt when exposed to high temperatures. This translates to ideal ease-of-use, as you can scrape out a little bit then melt it onto the soldering point, without having any concerns about spilling the paste. This also means you can keep it in your toolbox without worrying about it messing on other components or electronics, making it great for travelling, work or home use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Net Weight

– 50g

  • Packaging

– Tiny Plastic Tub

  • PH Level

– 7 ±0.3


Typical Applications for the Solder Flux 50 Gram:

This Solder Flux comes in tiny 50 grams plastic tubs, and help to improve the overall quality and durability of soldering. It helps by creating a smooth welding surface for solder to stick to, while insulating the fresh solder from corrosive air. The neutral PH level ensures that it reduces any chances of corrosion, while the composition itself is non-poisonous – making it safe to handle even without gloves. The paste form ensures that it will never spill unless the tub is exposed to very high heats, making it easily transportable and even easier to use since it can be scraped straight from the container and melted onto the tiny soldering point.

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Solder Flux 50 Gram

Solder Flux 50 Gram