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3D Gesture Sensor for Arduino

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The 3D Gesture Sensor from DFRobot is a clever little board that can sense hand-gestures in four directions, as well as rotational gestures.

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As hobbyists, we are always looking for cool new ways to integrate new technology into our daily lives, so as to add a touch of convenience or functionality to our lives in subtle but effective ways. One such technology that we’ve been excited to get our hands on is the 3D Gesture Sensor for Arduino from DFRobot, which uses inductive sensing and GestIC® 3D gesture technology to identify hand gestures, including four distinct directions as well as clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.

Because this gesture module uses Inductive Proximity Sensing, it can be conveniently placed underneath thin, non-ferrous materials, out of sight and out of mind until necessary. This enables you to hide it just under a section of your desk, within a thin door panel, or even inside of your mouse or keyboard to add even more functionality to some already-vital tools that you use. So, in addition to adding cool features and functionality to your home, tools or almost anywhere else, it can also be hidden away to become secret functionality that only you know about.

And finally, what may be the best factor about this module is that it is perfectly Arduino compatible, and can be integrated into existing projects or built with mostly inexpensive and accessible components.


3D Gesture Sensor for Arduino  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V to 5V DC

  • Input Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Interface Style

– I2C

  • I2C Address

– 0X42

  • Gesture Technology

– GestIC®

  • Spatial Resolution

– 150 dpi

  • Max Gesture Range

– 10cm

  • Effective Gesture Range

– ±5cm

  • Sensing Directions



Typical Applications for 3D Gesture Sensor for Arduino:

While some people may look at this module and think “Well I could just use a button or keypad instead”, a true Maker will be able to fully understand the true value of these fantastic gesture Sensor Modules. In fact, we even have a few projects planned for this module already, which include the following, as well as a few secret projects that we’re still pondering over:

  • Adding extra functionality to a standard Mouse or Keyboard, which will act as shortcuts to change the current playing track, adjust volume, and even fast forward, rewind, zoom or scroll depending on which functions we feel are most important.
  • Creating a secret entry button behind a door panel, to allow access to anyone who knows the right “gesture code” – An example for a secret code could be “Swipe Up, Swipe Up, Swipe Down, Rotate Clockwise once”.
  • Building a unique and personalised controller for gaming, that incorporate gesture control, flex sensors, and possibly even facial recognition to give you a truly advanced means of playing with or controlling your PC.

These, of course, are just a few of the many amazing examples that we are excited to try out here at DIYElectronics, and of course there are already a plethora of projects out there that you could either enjoy directly, or modify to make them your own. Just remember that we want to see cool pictures and videos of your projects, so be sure to share them on social media and give us a shout-out so we know where to find it.

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3D Gesture Sensor for Arduino

3D Gesture Sensor for Arduino

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