Micro USB Cable - 1.2m Noodle - Cover Expand

Micro USB Cable - 1m Noodle

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This anti-tangle Micro USB Cable is 1m long, featuring the classic Flat Noodle Design and coloured bright orange for great visibility.

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As electronics enthusiasts, we love USB Cables, and we’re always looking for different kinds of cables to cater to the various lengths, applications and other criteria. As such, it’s no surprise that we’ve ordered some fun little Flat Noodle Style Micro USB Cables, measuring in at 1 meter and capable of up to 2.5A current for ultra-fast charging and high-current devices.

The cable, while already being quite unique due to the anti-tangle flat style, is also orange, which is great when you need to differentiate it from others, which are typically all black, blue or white. This way, you don’t have to second guess whether you’re using the right high-current cable for your Raspberry Pi, while also being a lot more aesthetically enjoyable than the plethora of black, blue and white cables that litter the average consumers’ electronics cupboard.


1m Micro USB Noodle Cable  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Connector Types    

– Male USB-A to Male Micro USB

  • Connector Plating

– Gold Plated

  • USB Compatibility

USB1.1 / USB2.0 / USB3.0

  • Cable Length

– 1m

  • Cable Colour

– Orange

  • Data Transfer Rate

– ≥480Mbps


Typical Applications for 1m Micro USB Noodle Cable:

While this Micro USB Cable can be used for any standard Micro USB cable applications, we find that it truly shows it’s real value when powering high-current devices or when allowing for super-charge speeds for mobile device charging. Additionally, what we perhaps like most about this cable, is that despite an impressive length of 1m, it may sometimes get a little messy but never actually tangles to the point at which you need to dedicate time to untangle it. This, if you’re as experienced with long USB cables as we are, is something worth appreciating, and for such a low price, this and all of the other features make this cable a fantastic cost-effective choice.

As an additional note, if you’re a fan of USB cables like we are, you should certainly check out the other interesting cable we got from DFRobot, which is the USB-A to Micro USB Cable with Switch, offering onboard switching functionality and high current transfer by removing its data transfer capabilities.


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Micro USB Cable - 1m Noodle

Micro USB Cable - 1m Noodle

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