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Veroboard 100x300mm



The large Veroboard is the ideal tool prototyping complex projects, with 37 vertical & 116 horizontal lanes to make a total of 4292 connection points!The large Veroboard is the ideal tool prototyping complex projects, with 37 vertical & 116 horizontal lanes to make a total of 4292 connection points!

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If you love to prototype Electronics gadgets and doodads, then you will certainly understand how valuable a blank PCB can be, as it allows you to build your own circuits without having to conform to pre-designed templates. This is why we always make sure to stock up on Proto-Boards like these 100x300mm Veroboards.

These Veroboards were originally invented in the mid-1900s and have been widely used since then, due to the highly diverse nature of the boards. And despite the age of the design and concept, almost the exact same designs are still widely manufactured today. This is because Veroboards are the perfect tools to prototype circuits before deciding on a final design and printing your own printed circuit boards, making them the ideal starting point for almost any custom electronics projects.

This Veroboard is large in size, with lots of space to create and build on, with a size of 100mm wide by 300mm long. It features 37 vertical lines and 116 horizontal lines of connection points, for a total of 4292 total connection points, as well as one vertical copper-plated lane along each side. This is more than enough “building space” for highly complex projects, and the board can also be snapped, cut or drilled in order to reduce the number of connection points, or to isolate specific lanes or sets of connections.


Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Connection Points

– 37 x 116 Points (4292 Total)

  • Copper Track Orientation

– Vertical

  • Copper-Plated Vertical Lanes

– 2 (1 on each side)

  • Dimensions

– 100 x 300mm


Typical Applications for the 100x300mm Veroboard:

While many beginners in electronics love to utilise breadboards and similar Prototyping tools in to build projects, many veterans and advanced electronics Makers tend to choose more customisable, albeit slightly more difficult, prototyping boards like the Veroboard 100x300mm. In fact, some Makers who are busy moving from beginner to veteran level may even choose to utilise both breadboards and Veroboards. This way, they can ensure that they’re not making any silly mistakes before committing to a more permanent design, after which the final stage would be to get a custom PCB manufactured by professionals for the finalised product.

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