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Assorted Colour Heatshrink Kit



This Assorted Colour Heatshrink Kit contains a great range of heatshrinks of different lengths, diameters, colours and shrinkage factors for electronics.

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If you are looking for a great pack of heatshrink tubes of various lengths and diameters, this Assorted Colour Heatshrink Kit is the ideal choice, as it contains around 385 small heatshrink tubes, all in a diverse range of colours for easy cable identification. This kit also offers a good selection of options when choosing which Heatshrinks you need for various electronics components and wiring, with tubes ranging from Ø1mm up to Ø12mm inner diameter, at lengths varying between 40mm and 90mm long.

Each of these different length and diameter options also have seven different colours each. This lets you give each cable a unique colour for quick and easy identification, and you could, for example, choose to use red heatshrink for all incoming power cables, green for all outgoing power cables, blue for cables that carry important signals, or have your own unique set of colours that act as labels to let you know precisely what each is being used for.

The kit comes neatly packed within an enclosure, with a total of seven small compartments that each hold different length/diameter sets of heatshrink tubes. This makes it easy to quickly select the right one for the job, depending on how long you need it to be, the size of cable you want to wrap, as well as what shrinkage to expect when applying heat.

Assorted Colour Heatshrink Kit Contents:

  • Ø1.0mm @ 40mm Length

– 105  (15 of Each Colour)

  • Ø2.0mm @ 40mm Length

– 56  (9 of Each Colour)

  • Ø3.0mm @ 45mm Length

– 70  (10 of Each Colour)

  • Ø5.0mm @ 45mm Length

– 42  (6 of Each Colour)

  • Ø5.0mm @ 65mm Length

– 28  (4 of Each Colour)

  • Ø6.0mm @ 65mm Length

– 21  (3 of Each Colour)

  • Ø8.0mm @ 90mm Length

– 21  (3 of Each Colour)

  • Ø10.0mm @ 90mm Length

– 21  (3 of Each Colour)

  • Ø12.0mm @ 90mm Length

– 21  (3 of Each Colour)

  • Colours Per Set

– 7: Black, Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Transparent


Typical Applications for the Assorted Colour Heatshrink Kit:

The Assorted Colour Heatshrink Kit is an excellent tool for securing, protecting, insulating and easily labelling Electronics Components or Connectors and Wiring. The wide range of different diameters, lengths and colours makes it easy to find the best heatshrink tube for the task at hand, while allowing you to uniquely label each wire depending on the signals they send or tasks that they perform.

They all have a similar shrinkage ration of around 2:1, although some of the larger tubes may shrink slightly more or less than stipulated. So, next time you want to protect or insulate your cables, or if you just want to add some colour to your project, consider acquiring one of these kits to cover all of your cables with a safe and snug sleeve.

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Assorted Colour Heatshrink Kit

Assorted Colour Heatshrink Kit