Clear Heatshrink Sleaving - 9mm Expand

Clear Heatshrink Sleeving - 9mm



Keep your important cables neat, tidy and protected from wear and tear with our 9mm Clear Heatshrink Sleeving.

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Although many people don’t often think about cable management, protecting cables is important in machines like 3D Printers, in which objects move from side to side and cables can become damaged between moving parts. Fortunately, our 9mm Clear Heatshrink Sleeving is simple to install and effectively keeps cables safe from wear and tear, damage from movement, as well as intense heat.

Designed to fit and shrink tightly over the cables, this sleeving is flame resistant, chemical resistant and keeps the cables from bending too much. This consequently extends the lifespan of cables in machines, while keeping them neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, we also stock other sizes of sleeving to accommodate cables of various sizes or groups of cables. These are available in sizes ranging from 1.5mm Black Sleeving up to 12mm Clear Heatshrink Sleeving.

These sleeves are sold in units of 50cm length, so be sure to choose multiple units if your cables are longer than 50cm.


9mm Clear Heatshrink Sleeving  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Length Per Unit

– 50cm

  • Diameter

– 9mm Before Shrinkage

  • Colour

– Clear

  • Shrinkage

– Shrinks to about Half Size


Typical Applications for 9mm Clear Heatshrink Sleeving:

Our 9mm Clear Heatshrink Sleeving is used primarily to protect cables from wear and tear as well as heat damage, and this size is mostly used for single large cables or multiple small cables. If you are eager to acquire sleeving that covers larger cables, we also stock other variations like our 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 6.5mm and 9mm black sleeving, as well as 12mm Clear Heatshrink. Just remember that the sleeves will shrink when heat is applied, so always try to buy a sleeve that is about double the diameter of the cable (or multiple cables) that you want to cover.

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Clear Heatshrink Sleeving - 9mm

Clear Heatshrink Sleeving - 9mm