New TS80P Smart Soldering Iron Pack - QC3.0 & PD2.0 - Cover Expand

TS80P Smart Soldering Iron Pack - QC3.0 & PD2.0

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The TS80P Smart Soldering Iron is here, featuring QC 3.0 & PD 2.0 power delivery standards & a quick-detach mechanism for rapid prototyping & repairs.

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As Electronics Makers, we simply love to show off our projects, and all of the cool things that our hours, weeks or even months of work have culminated into. However, it’s not always quite as simple as just turning it on and showing it off, and it’s unfortunately far too common that, once our electronics leave our workshops, things start to go wrong. Fortunately, with awesome tools like this TS80P Smart Soldering Iron Pack, you can be ready for any and all project fails, pulling out your on-the-go Maker tools and fixing up whatever might be broken before once again showing off your project to all of your friends.

The TS80P Soldering Iron is an upgrade from the classic TS80 Soldering Iron, and has been improved to support both QC 3.0 and PD 2.0 power delivery standards, while also featuring an ultra-convenient solder tip quick-engage mechanism so you don’t have to unscrew anything to switch out tips, and you can instead just quickly unplug tips and plug in new ones with minimal effort. These two features, while seeming quite negligible at first, actually makes a world of different for Prototyping and repairs, and after testing it out for a while we can certainly see the major benefits of having one-handed tip changes and even faster heating times than ever before. And this, when coupled with a silicone mat that you can simply drop hot tips onto, drastically speeds up production times and makes your life as an electronics hobbyist or professional even more convenient and enjoyable.

Furthermore, the TS80P has also been improved upon with a more impressive 30W max power, and this speeds up the heat-up time from a “slow” 18 seconds to a “blazing fast” 8 seconds, allowing the TS80P to go from room temperature to 300 in less than ten seconds – as long as you don’t live in an extremely cold place. Of course, this can only be achieved with the included 12V 3A PD 2.0 capable PSU – or a similar solution such as a modern power bank or PD 2.0 capable PSU – but fortunately that’s precisely why one is included with the unit, so you can enjoy the full benefits from the moment you take your new  toy  tool out of the box!


TS80P Smart Soldering Iron Pack  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Model No.

– TS80P

  • Package Details

– MORE Package (With incl. Extras)

  • Solder Tip Included

– TS-B02: Rounded Conical

  • Included Charger/PSU

– QC09 Travel Charger

  • Charger/PSU Output

– 3A @ 5V DC

– 3A @ 9V DC (QC 3.0)

– 3A @ 12V DC (PD 2.0)

– 3A @ 15V DC

– 2.5A @ 18V DC

– 2.25A @ 20V DC

  • Expected Heating Time (12V 3A)

– ±8 Seconds to 300°C

  • Max Heating Power

– 30W

  • Safe Temperature Range

– +100° to +400°C

  • Temperature Stability

– ±3%

  • Solder Tip Resistance to Ground

– <2Ω

  • Power/Data Port

– USB Type-C

  • User Interface

– OLED Display

  • Onboard Controls

– Discrete 2 Button Interface

  • Solder Tip Compatibility

– TS-B02: Rounded Conical

TS-BC02: Rounded Bevel

– TS-D25: Chisel

– TS-J02: Curved

– TS-K4: Knife

  • Chassis Materials

– Aluminium Alloy

  • Internal Controller

– STM32 Integrated Circuit

  • Weight (Controller + Tip)

– 38g

  • Weight (Package)

– ±300g

  • Dimensions (Handle)

– 18mm Diameter | 96mm Length

  • Dimensions (Tip)

– 5.5mm Diameter | 100mm Length

  • Dimensions (Entire Unit)

– 18mm Diameter | 156mm Length


Parts Included with the TS80P Smart Soldering Iron Pack:

  • TS80P Controller Chassis
  • ESD Grounding Wire                                              
  • TS-B02 Conical Soldering Tip
  • QC3.0 / PD2.0 Wall Adapter PSU
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-C Cable
  • Tiny Allen Key


Additional Resources:

  • If you’re eager to find more insights and enjoy the world of open source soldering to the max, then be sure to check out the Official Miniware TS80/TS80P Forum, where users from around the world share firmware updates, guides and general help in a fun and knowledgeable community. On this page, you will notice that the TS80P uses the same data sheet/user manual as the original TS80, since both models are quite similar, with the TS80P primarily just having the easy-eject soldering tips and the higher level of power draw.


And of course, no soldering iron would quite be complete without the classic review video by EEVBlog, and so, without further ado, the following is an awesome video from Dave, one of our favourite experts in the field, explaining precisely what’s good, what’s not so good, and the general thoughts of someone who has had many years of experience in the field of prototyping, analysis and electronics design:


9TTS80MORE - User Manual

9TTS80MORE - TS80 Smart Soldering Iron - User Manual V1.1

Download (941.16k)

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TS80P Smart Soldering Iron Pack - QC3.0 & PD2.0

TS80P Smart Soldering Iron Pack - QC3.0 & PD2.0

Guangzhou e-Design Intelligent Technology, or more affectionately known as Miniware to us electronics enthusiasts, is the brand that created the awesome TS100 Soldering Iron, and this single item is what helped them rapidly grow in popularity, due to the impressive quality coupled with fancy features – all in a beautifully portable design that can even be powered by LiPo Cell Packs!

Although Miniware remained somewhat unknown before the launch of the TS100, they have actually been involved in electronics design since as far back as 2000, and they hold the title of being the first in the world to design a portable handheld oscilloscope in 2009. Since then, however, Miniware has been rapidly gaining popularity due to the impressive level of quality and sophistication of each their awesome products, and how they manage to fit even more features and functionality into their handheld devices than many of the popular desktop devices within the same price range.

With almost every single one of their awesome products being a truly valuable addition to almost any workshop space, Miniware are one of our favourite brands. And while they certainly don’t release new products often, we simply love to get new goodies in from the moment they are prototyped, so that we can enjoy the awesome new features (both novel and functional) that they have chosen to integrate.