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CH340G USB to Serial TTL Converter IC



The CH340G USB to Serial Converter IC is a widely popular bus adapter that allows Makers to interface with serial devices via the USB ports on computers.

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As many of us Electronics Makers know, computers of all sizes are great to play with, from the large ones that sit on our desks to the tiny ones that we can fit into our pockets. However, with so many different communications styles, protocols and even wiring profiles for various types of electronics, it’s easy to understand that some devices will struggle to effectively communicate with other devices. Fortunately, in our wonderfully modern world, we can now remedy this with clever adapters and converters, which can convert and translate communications signals between the various protocols and other design differences, allowing us to interface various different electronics and devices despite them having no native compatibility.

The CH340G USB to Serial Converter IC is a beautiful example of a simple but very effective interface converter, and allows Makers like us to communicate with Serial TTL devices via the USB Ports on our computers, enabling us to interface with electronics like Arduino Boards, fingerprint scanners, as well as RS232/RS422/RS485 devices and systems. This allows you to integrate all kinds of projects and functionalities into a central control station (such as your primary computer), opening up more possibilities for streamlined control, simplified programming and interfacing, as well as better integration between all of your favourite electronics – both big and small.


CH340G USB to Serial Converter IC  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– WCH: Jiangsu Qin Heng                                                                    

  • Model No.

– CH340G

  • Maximum Data Rate

– 2Mbps

  • USB Protocol Support

– USB 2.0

  • Common MODEM Signal Support

– RTS | DTR | DCD | RI | DSR | CTS

  • Serial TTL Support (with External Shifters)

– RS232 | RS422 | RS485

  • Required External Components

– 1 x Crystal Oscillator

– 4 x Capacitors

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V / 5V DC

  • Operating Current

– 12 to 30mA


Additional Resources:

In order to utilise this driver effectively, you may need to install a driver for your computer to recognize the CH340G chip. However, if you’re using Codebender online you do not need to install a driver, but if you aren’t then the driver can be downloaded here:


9ICCH340G - Datasheet

9ICCH340G - CH340G USB to TTL Datasheet

Download (144.43k)

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CH340G USB to Serial TTL Converter IC

CH340G USB to Serial TTL Converter IC