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ISO1050DUB Isolated CAN Transceiver - 1Mbps, 1-Channel, SOIC



The ISO1050DUB is a galvanically isolated CAN Transceiver with 1Mbps data rates & exceptional protection capabilities – all in one tiny SOIC package.

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Although the term “CAN Bus” is not extremely common in the Maker scene, some Makers (like us) enjoy extend into the pseudo-professional realm, to start dealing with self-contained systems which typically don’t have a host computer or primary controller. In such areas of expertise, a reliable CAN Bus Controller is vital, as it allows you to access the physical layer bus and interface directly with the Components, parts and processing units within a self-contained system, so as to program, diagnose, repair or modify the network according to the needs of your project or application.

The ISO1050DUB is a galvanically Isolated single Channel CAN Transceiver SOIC with 1Mbps data rate, which is designed to meet the ISO11898-2 standard, allowing users to interface with CAN Bus Networks without producing noise currents on the data bus, and while also protecting other circuits from entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive chips and circuitry. It features cross-wire, overvoltage and loss of ground protection from -27V to +40V, as well as a few other isolation-related features that are quite complicated, but work well in protecting both the controller and the network from unexpected problems.

So, whether you are building a CAN Bus controller to interface with your car’s CAN Bus Network, or simply want to experiment with how you can use a CAN Bus Network for other applications and need to build a controller to get your new project started, this tiny but powerfully diverse ISO1050DUB SOIC is an excellent little Integrated Circuit chip for the job!


ISO1050DUB 1Mbps 1 Channel CAN Transceiver SOIC  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– Texas Instruments                                                               

  • Model No.

– ISO1050DUB

  • Maximum Data Rate

– 1Mbps

  • No. of Transceivers

– 1

  • Standard Supported

– ISO 11898-2

  • Power Down Mode

– Silent

  • Mounting Type

– Surface Mount

  • Package Type


  • Pin Count

– 8

  • VCC1 Supply Voltage (Controller)

– 3V to 5.5V

  • VCC2 Supply Voltage (Bus)

– 4.75V to 5.25V

  • ICC1 Max Supply Current (@3.3V)

– 2.8mA

  • ICC1 Max Supply Current (@5V)

– 3.6mA

  • ICC2 Max Supply Current (Dominant)

– 73mA (@0V, 60Ω Load)

  • ICC2 Max Supply Current (Recessive)

– 12mA (@VCC1)

  • Galvanic Isolation

– 2500 VRMS

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -55° to +150°C

  • Dimensions

– 9.55 x 6.67 x 3.35


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ISO1050DUB Isolated CAN Transceiver - 1Mbps, 1-Channel, SOIC

ISO1050DUB Isolated CAN Transceiver - 1Mbps, 1-Channel, SOIC