Allegro Systems A4988 Microstepping Driver IC - SMD, QFN-28 - Cover Expand

Allegro Systems A4988 Microstepping Driver IC - SMD, QFN-28



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Stepper motors are powerful little tools that blend a good mix of electronic and mechanical engineering to provide an elegant and effective solution for all kinds of different applications. However, because of this mix, they are somewhat complex to operate, and typically require Stepper Motor Drivers, which take in commands from the user or the controller board, and translates those commands into precise and powerful rotational motion. Fortunately though, we now have a lot of stepper drivers available to us Makers, especially since the rise in popularity of 3D Printers and desktop CNC machines, and you can now choose from a whole range of different drivers, with each offering distinct benefits that cater to different needs and personal preferences.

These Allegro Systems A4988 Microstepping Driver IC’s are SMD components with a QFN-28 package, and are supplied as spares to help Makers repair old of faulty stepper drivers, but without having to replace the entire unit. This is handy in itself, and also offers the extra benefit of allowing Makers to create their own custom breakout boards, but it should be noted that these are primarily meant for advanced users, as their pin footprint is notoriously difficult to actually solder correctly, while the tiny form factor means that you actually do need to have specialised tools or a personalised workspace that allow you to go deep and get complex with your Electronics work. As such, if you’re looking for some A4988 Drivers that are already installed on StepStick breakout board, be sure to check out our standard A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Modules, which are supplied as ready-to-go drivers that you can simply plug in and enjoy.

Please Note: These Driver IC units are extremely difficult to work with, and are recommended only for professionals and advanced users. As such, if you would prefer to simply get a replacement driver module, be sure to check out our Stepper Drivers Category to find a driver and carrier board that best suits your setup.


Allegro Systems A4988 Stepping Driver IC  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Load Supply Voltage

– 8V to 35V                                                                

  • Output Current

– ±2A

  • Logic Supply Voltage

– 3V to 5.5V DC

  • Motor Outputs Voltage

– -2V to +37V

  • Sense Voltage

– -0.5V to +0.5V

  • Reference Voltage

– 5.5V

  • Output On Resistance

– 320Ω to 430Ω

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -20° to +85° C

  • Selectable Step Modes

– 1/1  |  1/2  |  1/4  |  1/8  |  1/16

  • Dimensions

– 5 x 5 x 0.9mm


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Allegro Systems A4988 Microstepping Driver IC - SMD, QFN-28

Allegro Systems A4988 Microstepping Driver IC - SMD, QFN-28