Texas Instruments DRV8825 Microstepping Driver IC - SMD, HTSSOP-28 - Cover Expand

Texas Instruments DRV8825 Microstepping Driver IC - SMD, HTSSOP-28



The DRV8825 Stepper Driver IC is a handy replacement part, letting you fix faults and get back to fabricating without replacing the entire module.

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With the popularisation of 3D Printing, desktop CNC machines and other exciting hobbyist fabrication tools, we’ve seen a lot of development recently over Stepper Motor Drivers, with a particular focus on the hobbyist realm. This is why we feel that it’s important to stock handy replacement parts like these Texas Instruments DRV8825 Microstepping Driver IC’s, which are SMD components with HTSSOP-28 packages that are designed to help control Stepper Motors with absolute precision. However, while you may already be quite familiar with the full DRV8825 Stepper Driver Module, which includes the Pololu StepStick board, this little IC component is just the actual driver, and typically needs a good breakout board or carrier board to operate at full effectiveness.

These drivers, while often used for 3D Printing and other desktop fabrication tools and equipment, are not immediately usable, and they do require some soldering and a carrier board to work in optimal order. This is why most of the stepper drivers you will see are featured on top of the Pololu StepStick carrier boards, as it breaks out all of the pins and makes these little IC Components far easier to use in a range of applications. As such, we typically recommend these driver IC units specifically for repairs and replacements, as they are very difficult to work with unless you can break out all of the pins to allow for easier access and control.

Please Note: These Driver IC units are extremely difficult to work with, and are recommended only for professionals and advanced users. As such, if you would prefer to simply get a replacement driver module, be sure to check out our Stepper Drivers Category to find a driver and carrier board that best suits your setup.


Texas Instruments DRV8825 Microstepping Driver IC  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Load Supply Voltage

– -0.3V to 47V                                                            

  • Output/Drive Current

– ±2.5A

  • Logic Supply Voltage

– -0.5V to 7V DC

  • Motor Outputs Voltage

– 8.2V to 45V

  • Sense Voltage

– -0.8V to +0.8V

  • Reference Voltage

– 1V to 3.5V

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -40° to +150° C

  • Selectable Step Modes

– 1/1  |  1/2  |  1/4  |  1/8  |  1/16  |  1/32

  • Dimensions

– 9.7 x 6.4mm


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Texas Instruments DRV8825 Microstepping Driver IC - SMD, HTSSOP-28

Texas Instruments DRV8825 Microstepping Driver IC - SMD, HTSSOP-28