Solderless Breadboard 400TP Expand

Solderless Breadboard 400TP



This 400TP solderless breadboard has 300 standard tie-points and 100 power tie-points – Ideal for a wide range of Arduino and Arduino Shield projects.

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This Solderless Breadboard with 400 Tie-Points is designed specifically for Arduino Shield prototyping and testing, as it allows Makers to experiment with their circuitry before committing to a certain design or layout of connections. With a solderless breadboard, Makers can simply utilize jumpers to connect up various components and test out the circuits before they solder parts or wires together, allowing for seamless iteration and enhancement.

This breadboard has 400 total tie-points, with 300 of these being standard points in the middle lanes. 100 of these tie-points, however, are divided into the side lanes, each containing five sets of ten power tie-points.


Technical Specifications:

  • Amount of Tie-Points

– 400 Total

  • Standard Tie-Points

– 300 in Double-Strip (Middle Lanes)

  • Power Lane Tie-Points

– 100 (50 in each Power Lane) along edges

  • Recommended Voltage

– 300V

  • Recommended Current

– 3-5A

  • Wire Diameter Compatibility

– 20-29 AWG

  • Dimensions

– 8.2 cm x 5.5 cm x 0.85 cm


Typical Applications for the 400TP Breadboard:

While the solderless breadboards with 400 tie-points are primarily utilized for Arduino Shield Prototyping, they can also be used for a wide range of other electronics projects as well. In fact, breadboards are ideal for almost any type of small-scale electronics prototyping, as their main purpose is to allow for constant and seamless iterations in design, circuitry and component usage.

The Solderless Breadboard 400TP is also included within the Arduino Kit, which is a perfect starter kit for beginner Makers but can also complement the toolbox of a veteran.

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Solderless Breadboard 400TP

Solderless Breadboard 400TP