XL4005 Step-Down Buck CV Power Module 5A Expand

XL4005 Step-Down Buck CV Power Module 5A



This XL4005 Step-Down Buck CV Power Module 5A is a constant voltage step-down buck module that maintains a constant output voltage regardless of the input.

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This XL4005 Step-Down Buck CV Power Module 5A is a clever little module that is capable of converting an incoming voltage to a specified voltage, and is capable of maintaining that output voltage regardless of what the input voltage is. It offers on-the-fly voltage adjustments, so long as the current doesn’t exceed 5A, and is useful in Electronics projects that may receive variable voltage inputs.

The Electronics Module, despite being small and relatively simple, offers a plethora of handy features, including short circuit protection and over-temperature protection. It is capable of accepting between 5V and 32V input, while outputting between 0.8V and 24V. This enables Makers to build their own mobile phone chargers or similar power supply units, as it can be plugged into a wide range of different power sources to provide a predefined voltage output.

Please Note: The input and output is clearly marked on the underside of the module, so be sure to plug the input and output into the correct places since it is only a buck module, and is not bi-directional.


XL4005 Step-Down Voltage Regulator  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 5V - 32V DC                                                         

  • Output Voltage (Adjustable)

– 0.8V - 24V DC

  • Output Current (Peak)

– 5A

  • Output Power

– 75W Max

  • Conversion Efficiency

– 90%

  • Working Frequency

– 180KHz

  • Short Circuit Protection

– Auto-Shutdown

  • Temperature Protection

– Auto-Shutdown


Typical Applications for the XL4005 Step-Down 5A Voltage Regulator:

This XL4005 Step-Down Buck CV Power Module 5A is used in a variety of different power-related electronics projects, and can be used to build custom power supply units or chargers for devices that require a consistent voltage supply. This way, you can plug a device into almost any power supply without the risk of damaging components, since the output voltage will be set to match the device’s power requirements.


XL4005 - Datasheet

XL4005 Voltage Regulator Datasheet

Download (216.92k)

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XL4005 Step-Down Buck CV Power Module 5A

XL4005 Step-Down Buck CV Power Module 5A