High Voltage DC-DC Boost 2A 5-56V Expand

High Voltage DC-DC Boost 2A 5-56V



The High Voltage DC-DC Boost 2A 5-56V is a converter that steps up voltage from as low as 3.5V up to a max of 56V – Ideal for building DIY and mobile PSU’s.

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This High Voltage DC-DC Boost 2A 5-56V is a step-up converter that boosts voltages of between 3.5V and 30V up to between 5V and 56V. It is a great piece of equipment that can be used to build custom power supplies or mobile PSU’s for a variety of Electronics projects. This is all achieved with a 90% efficiency rating, which means that only up to 10% may be lost during the conversion process, although this is minor when compared to many other boosters and converters on the market.

Despite offering serious power boosting capabilities, this module comes in a tiny form factor of 4.3cm long, 3cm wide and 1.2cm tall. This enables users to integrate it directly into projects if necessary, installing it within enclosures or within its own box for safety or aesthetics. These Modules can also be used for a wide range of different projects as they’re needed, and with a simple turn of the potentiometer they can cater to almost any basic electronics projects you are busy with.

These features make this module an excellent addition to an electronics toolbox or workbench, and can open up many unique opportunities for Prototyping and other electronics fun.

As a final note, since this is only a booster rather than a buck-booster, it’s important to remember never to allow the input to exceed the output, as this may blow the module or damage components.


High Voltage DC-DC Booster  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Module Type

– Non-Isolated Boost                   

  • Rectification

– Non-Synchronous

  • Input Voltage

– 3.5V - 35V

  • Output Voltage

– 5V - 56V

  • Input Current

– 3A (Max) / 2A (Rated)

  • Transfer Efficiency

– 90%

  • Dimensions

– 43 x 30 x 12mm


Typical Applications for the High Voltage DC-DC Boost 2A 5-56V:

This High Voltage DC-DC Booster is a great investment for almost any electronics enthusiast, as it allows users to power devices, components and systems with various voltage needs. It is also an ideal module to use for building a custom power supply or mobile PSU, as you can set the voltage on-the-fly without having to purchase particular PSU’s for each project or iteration of a project.


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High Voltage DC-DC Boost 2A 5-56V

High Voltage DC-DC Boost 2A 5-56V