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Li-Ion/LiPo 3S Cell Pack Protection Module

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Take care of your batteries while enjoying full power and long-lasting durability with this handy Li-Ion 3S Cell Pack Protection Module.

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Lithium Batteries are certainly awesome tools for anyone who loves electronics, as they allow Makers like us to take our Power on-the-go, and energise our projects without requiring a connection to a power station or alternative permanent source. However, keeping batteries in good health can be tricky, especially if you utilise multi-cell packs that are integrated together into a single battery unit, and unfortunately these types of batteries tend to get a little dangerous when mistreated over long periods of time. Fortunately, we completely understand the importance of good battery health, and this is why we love modules like this awesome Li-Ion 3S Cell Pack Protection Module.

This lithium protection board is actually equipped with a range of great features that non-Makers simply wouldn’t understand, as it offers four distinct points that you can tie into with 3S Cells. These solder points essentially tie into the front and back of each battery, so as to monitor the voltage of each one, and then keep all three safe from overcharging and overdischarging – something that can’t be done if you’re just measuring the entire cell pack in series.

The features of these Modules allow you to truly utilise the full power and capabilities of your batteries, while ensuring that they stay in good working condition for as long as possible, until they eventually pass their total charge/discharge cycles. However, it’s important to realise that this shouldn’t necessarily be used as a balance charger, as it can’t continue to charge or discharge an individual cell in the cell pack, and of course as time goes on, the weakest cell in the pack may eventually take excessive strain. So to be safe, consider also getting a proper Li-Ion/Li-Po Balance Charger or a powerful Multi-Battery Balance Charger, so that you never have to run the risk of fried, burnt or otherwise damaged electronics (and more) if your batteries do eventually succumb to charge or discharge related problems.


Li-Ion/LiPo 3S Cell Pack Protection Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Compatibility

– 18650 / 26650 Lithium (3.6V to 3.7V Nominal)    

  • Charging Voltage (Ideal)

– 12.6V

  • Absolute Max Charging Voltage

– 12.75V (Do Not Exceed This!)

  • Maximum Output Current

– 20A

  • Maximum Power Output

– 252W

  • No. of Batteries Supported

– 3 (3S Cell Pack)

  • Dimensions

– 64 x 20 x 3.4mm


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Li-Ion/LiPo 3S Cell Pack Protection Module

Li-Ion/LiPo 3S Cell Pack Protection Module