Wireless Charging Module - 5V 1A - Cover Expand

Wireless Charging Module - 5V 1A

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Get rid of your old-school wires and build your own Wireless Charger with this cool magnetic resonance module, rated 5V 1A for hobbyist applications.

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Transferring power between various systems, devices and components has advanced a lot since the first Batteries and electrical gadgets were invented, but as we move into the modern world we are realising more and more that cables can be frustrating, opening up a need for alternative ways to transfer power. One such way of transferring power, which has only been popular for around a decade or two, is induction charging, with a more recent technique to complement it known as magnetic resonance.

This 5V 1A Wireless Charging Module is a charger that has been designed with this more recent technology of magnetic resonance, and allows users to wirelessly transmit power from the circuit connected to the primary coil, to the circuit connected to the secondary coil via very clever resonance techniques. While induction charging and magnetic resonance charging each offer unique sets of benefits, with each technique offering design variations as well, the benefits of magnetic resonance are that it can operate at longer distances compared to induction charging, and can also charge multiple secondary coils simultaneously.

Just remember though, that wireless Charging will always offer less efficiency than cables, as the power tends to radiate from the coils in multiple directions compared to the linear transfer of a physical conductor. However, wireless charging can also offer an incredible number of benefits relating to convenience and compatibility, or can just be a fun project to explore if you’re interested in how wireless energy transfer can offer unique benefits in our modern world.


5V 1A Wireless Charging Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Rated Input Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Rated Output Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Rated Current

– 1A (1.2A Max)

  • Operating Distance

– 2 to 10mm

  • Terminal Dimensions (Both)

– 43mm OD / 10mm ID / 2.3mm Thick


Typical Applications for these 5V 1A Wireless Charging Modules:

When considering applications for these Electronics Modules, the obvious first idea would be to build your own mobile device charging station. However, they these modules could also be used in many other less obvious ways too. Some examples that we’ve found on online Maker forums and communities include:

  • Creating an electronic coffee mug and docking pad that warms up your coffee when you place the mug onto the docking pad.
  • Building an automatic stirring tool for chemistry, which stirs the contents of a beaker automatically when the beaker is positioned on a pad.
  • Designing a universal family charging station, which can not only charge various different devices, but can also charge multiple devices simultaneously for optimal convenience.

With so many great potential use cases for these wireless chargers, we can guarantee that you won’t run out of exciting projects to experiment after investing in one of these module pairs. Just remember, however, that magnetic resonance is different to induction, albeit only slightly, and so it may not be entirely compatible with some of the inductive modules that you may want to use it with, so be sure to do thorough research before diving in headfirst.


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Wireless Charging Module - 5V 1A

Wireless Charging Module - 5V 1A

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