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DIY Power Bank Module - Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A



Put your old 18650 batteries to great use, and build your very own custom power bank with this Dual USB 5V 2.1A Power Bank Module!

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If you enjoy collecting old 18650 Lithium Batteries for later use like we do here at DIYElectronics, then you may be very interested in this awesome DIY Power Bank Module, which offers Dual USB 5V 2.1A output with 5V 1A input, to keep batteries charged up and ready to power your projects or charge your phone whenever (and wherever) you need them. It is a very advanced board despite the enticing price, and offers a full range of protective features that include the standard overcharge and over-discharge protections, as well as overcurrent protection and intelligent charge-stop once the connected device(s) is fully charged.

With this awesome Charging Module, the process of building your own power bank is made easy, and all you really have to do is connect up some 18650 batteries in the right connection style before printing a nice custom enclosure for it. The onboard LCD makes reading battery parameters quick and easy, while the dual output also allows you to charge or power two different devices at the same time. Just remember, however, that one output will offer a full 2.1A, while the other will only offer 1A max output. As such, if you are, for example, running both a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino Board from this power bank module, you will want to match the current requirements of the ports with the respective boards – 2.1A for the Pi and 1A for the Arduino.

So get ready to put those old 18650 batteries to great use with this awesome power bank module, and give your favourite projects a portable power solution so you can take them out into the world to show off to your friends, family and other favourite people.


DIY Dual USB Power Bank Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage (Micro USB)

– 5V

  • Output Voltage

– 5V

  • Input Current

– 1A

  • Output Current (Port 1)

– 2.1A

  • Output Current (Port 2)

– 1A

  • Input Connection

– Micro USB

  • Output Connection(s)

– 2 x USB-A

  • Battery Compatibility

– 3.7V 18650 Lithium Ion

  • No. of Batteries Supported

– Unlimited

  • Max Total Battery Capacity

– 20,000 mAh

  • Integrated Protection Features

– Overcharge / Over-Discharge Protection

– Overcurrent Protection

– Intelligent Charging Stop at Full

– Onboard Regulation for Stable Output

  • Onboard Functionality

– Power On/Off Switch

– Convenient LED Torch

– LCD with Capacity / Voltage / Current Display    

  • Included LCD

– Black on Blue | 27 x 17mm

  • Dimensions

– 28 x 57mm


Typical Applications for the DIY Dual USB Power Bank Module:

Whether you want to build a DIY Power Bank for on-the-fly phone charging while out on the hunt for Pokemon, or simply want to give your favourite projects an awesome portable power solution to operate effectively in the real world, this Dual USB Power Bank Module is one of the easiest and most affordable options around. Just remember, however, that if you don’t have any spare or salvageable batteries laying around, you may have to get yourself a couple of our 18650 Lithium Batteries to complete the project.


Additional Resources:

  • The following is a great video detailing the process of salvaging old batteries from laptop power bricks, as well as repurposing them for use in the DIY Dual USB Power Bank Module.



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DIY Power Bank Module - Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A

DIY Power Bank Module - Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A