1A Lithium Battery Charging Module - Cover Expand

1A Li Battery TP4056 Charging Module - Type C



Safe charge your lithium batteries with this compact and versatile P4056 Charging Module with micro USB input, charge protection, and up to 1A output.

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The TP4056 Charging Module with Micro USB Interface and charge protection is a compact and versatile electronics module designed for charging single-cell lithium batteries. With its USB-C input port, you can conveniently connect it to a 5V DC power source, such as a mobile charger, while still having the flexibility to solder input voltage wiring if desired. Simply connect the battery to the B+ and B- terminals, and insert a mobile phone charger into the USB-C female port. When charging, a red light indicates the ongoing process, while a green light signals when the battery is fully charged.

This charging module boasts several specifications to ensure reliable and safe charging. It supports a maximum charging current of 1000 mA, allowing for efficient charging of most lithium batteries. The charge cut-off voltage is set at 4.2V with a tolerance of +/- 1%, preventing overcharging and protecting the battery's longevity. In case of battery abnormalities, the module offers safeguards such as overcharge protection voltage at 2.5V and over-current protection current at 3A.

With dimensions of 2.6 x 1.7 cm, this TP4056 Charging Module is incredibly compact, making it ideal for integration into various electronic devices. Whether you want to upgrade outdated gadgets or enhance the charging capabilities of your projects, this module provides an elegant and discreet solution. Its reliability, affordability, and adaptability make it an excellent choice for Makers and electronics enthusiasts seeking an efficient charging module for single-cell lithium batteries.


1A Lithium Battery TP4056 Charging Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 5V DC                                                                      

  • Power Connection

– USB-C / Dedicated Terminals

  • Charge Current

– 1A

  • Charge cut-off voltage
– 4.2 V + / - 1%
  • Battery Overcharge Protection Voltage
– 2.5V
  • Battery Over-Current Protection
– 3A
  • Charging Status Indicator

– Red/Green LED

  • Battery Compatibility

– Li-Ion / Li-Po (Single Cell)

  • Dimensions

– 2.6x1.7cm


Charge Current Selection:

RPROG Resistor Value (k Ohm)
























Typical Applications for these 1A Lithium Battery Charging Modules:

This 1A Lithium Battery Charging Module is a great solution if you want to add battery-power capabilities to an Electronics project. It offers the option of either utilising the battery as a power source, or charging the battery when the module is plugged into a 5V supply. This means that you can integrate it into a project so as to utilise inexpensive and replaceable Li-Po and Li-Ion Batteries rather than a large battery unit or wall-connection PSU. This enables you to take your projects out into the world and then charge them at home when they’re not in use, even offering the option to replace the battery while on-the-go to keep your project powered when you don’t have the opportunity to recharge.

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1A Li Battery TP4056 Charging Module - Type C

1A Li Battery TP4056 Charging Module - Type C