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AVR-ISP / USBASP Atmel AVR Programmer



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The USBasp is a handy USB programmer for AVR micro-controllers. It supports programming with AVR dude among others and can program many different AVR's. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and MAC OS X. 

This is an In Circuit Serial Programmer, you can connect it up to just a few pins on your micro and get your code onto your custom PCB or breadboard with just a 6-pin header (note, this programmer have the 10-pin AVR header style and ribbon cable, you will need an adaptor or modify the cable to use 6 pins.)
Ever wondered what that 6pin header was at the bottom of your Arduino? well now you know :)

This product is an open source device.


Helpful Resources for the AVR-ISP / USBASP Atmel AVR Programmer:

Finally, the following is a really helpful video that shows you precisely how to take advantage of this programmer, with some extra resources also located in the video description:


9USBAVR - Datasheet

9USBAVR - ATmega8L Datasheet

Download (6.3M)

9USBAVR - User Manual

9USBAVR - User Manual V1.0

Download (950.08k)

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AVR-ISP / USBASP Atmel AVR Programmer

AVR-ISP / USBASP Atmel AVR Programmer