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STLINK-V3SET Modular Debugger/Programmer for STM32/STM8

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The STLINK-V3SET Debugger/Programmer is a prototyping tool that offers a diverse range of convenient ways to program, debug & deploy firmware updates.

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For anyone who has ventured into the realm of Electronics Prototyping and actually programming MCU’s for highly customised projects, you will know that there is never a dull moment. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good thing, since unwelcome surprises can often sneak up from the most unlikely places, setting you back a few steps before you can learn from your mistakes and take a leap forward again. Fortunately, we now have fantastic tools like the STLINK-V3SET Modular Debugger/Programmer for STM32/STM8 MCU’s, which makes programming, debugging and redeploying updated firmware easier than ever before.

This method of Programming and Debugging, along with the support for a variety of communications protocols, makes the STLINK-V3SET Modular Debugger/Programmer an excellent tool for any professional in the industry or serious Prototyping enthusiast, as it allows users to skip the old technique of emulating the MCU, and instead simply utilises the live MCU to program, debug and deploy new firmware in a far more rapid and convenient way. Additionally, one of the most enticing factors for prototypers and professionals is that the results they get will perfectly match real-world results, which is something that the old emulation technique would struggle with due to slightly different variables or programming environments being emulated.

What differentiates the STLINK-V3SET Modular Debugger/Programmer from alternative options is the impressively diverse number of different Communications protocols and methods it supports. It is quite specialised in the way that it is designed specifically for STM32 and STM8 MCU’s, but supports a wide range of comm’s protocols including JTAG/SWD (Single Wire Debug) and VCP (Virtual COM Port) via the primary board, as well as both SWIM (Single Wire Interface Module) and Multi-Path Bridge via the included MB1440 Adapter Board (or Mezzanine Board).

Please Note: Despite offering application voltage support, this board does not supply voltage to the target application. This is in order to avoid unexpected voltages while programming and debugging, ensuring a safer environment for all of your electronics goodies.


STLINK-V3SET Modular Debugger/Programmer  -  Technical Specifications:

  • JTAG/SWD Specifications

– 3V to 3.6V Application Voltage Support

– 5V Tolerant Inputs

– Supports STDC14 to MIPI10 / STDC14 / MIPI20 Flat Cables

– JTAG / SWD / SWV Communication Support

  • SWIM Specifications

– Requires Adapter Board MB1440

– 1.65V to 5.5V Application Voltage Support

– SWIM Header

– SWIM High-Speed & Low-Speed Mode Support

  • Virtual COM Port Specifications

– 3V to 3.6V Application Voltage Support on UART Interface

– 5V Tolerant Inputs

– VCP Frequency of up to 15MHz

– Available on STDC14 Debug Connector (Not MIPI10)

  • Multi-Path Bridge Specifications
    – USB to SPI/UART/I2C/CAN/GPIO          

– 3V to 3.6V Application Voltage Support on UART Interface

– 5V Tolerant Inputs

– Signals ONLY Available on Adapter Board MB1440

  • Onboard Status Indicators

– 2 : Communication | Power

  • Supported STM8 Microcontrollers

– All MCU’s with SWIM Interface

  • Supported STM32 Microcontrollers

– All MCU’s with JTAG / SWD Interface

  • Weight

– 230g

  • Dimensions (Packaged)

– 55 x 155 x 215mm


Parts Included with the STLINK-V3SET Modular Debugger/Programmer for STM32/STM8:

  • Primary Board : MB1441
  • Mezzanine (Adapter) Board : MB1440                  
  • 20Pin JTAG/SWD Flat Ribbon Cable
  • USB A to Micro USB B Cable
  • SWIM Dual 4Pin Connector Cable
  • SWIM 4Pin Connector to Individual Pins


Typical Applications for the STLINK-V3SET Modular Debugger/Programmer:

Whether you’re building Electronics projects from scratch, or are trying to figure out what be broken with an existing project, the STLINK-V3SET Modular Debugger/Programmer for STM32/STM8 is designed to make your life as easy as possible. In addition to impressive level of programming and debugging diversity that it is capable of, the modular style also adds to this, and rather than having a sub-par board that is only “kind of good” for both applications, the adapter module means that you technically have two specialised programmer/debugger tools that work together for distinctly different operations.


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