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6V 538mA Solar Panel - 165 x 135mm



This small but powerful Solar Panel offers up to 583mA at 6V, offering the ideal power solution for making your low-power electronics portable.

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As Makers growing up in the past, we were always so fascinated by Solar Power, and we absolutely loved the idea of harnessing raw energy from the natural sun to power our man-made electronics, toys and various projects. However, solar energy was always just a bit too expensive in the past, and it has taken a long time for Solar Panel efficiency levels and price points to be good enough for average Makers like you and us to really enjoy for our typical projects.

With that being said, we are excited with the fact that, in modern times, this has changed, and the many years of research and development within the industry is now spilling out into the hobbyist world, allowing tinkerers and Makers to get involved in solar energy harvesting, to utilise Solar Power in a more convenient and affordable way than ever before.

This 6V 538mA Solar Panel is relatively small in size, measuring in at 165 x 135mm, but is ready to deliver reasonably impressive power for electronics projects requiring up to 6V at up to 583mA. This is perfect for many different types of Electronics projects, with a particular convenience for 5V projects like battery chargers, 5V Development Platforms, or for any other 5V projects that you want to make portable.

In fact, these solar panels can even be connected in series or parallel in order to bump up the voltage or current as required, meaning you could even use multiple of these affordable solar panels to provide sufficient energy for your power-hungry boards like Raspberry Pi too. Just remember that you may have to regulate the voltage that these panels provide before you simply plug in your electronics, as these panels simply feature two bare terminals and raw supplies for Makers to utilise in whichever way they need to.


6V 538mA Solar Panel  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Solar Cell Type

– Monocrystalline Silicon                         

  • Protective Top-Layer

– Epoxy

  • Power Delivery Method

– Bare Terminals

  • Max Voltage Supply

– 6V DC

  • Max Current Supply

– 583mA

  • Max Power Rating

– ±3.5W

  • Open-Circuit Voltage

– 7.3V

  • Short-Circuit Current

– 652mA

  • Wire Length

– No Wiring Included

  • Housing Material


  • Weight

– 99g

  • Thickness

– 2mm

  • Dimensions

– 135 x 165mm


Typical Applications for these 165x135mm 6V 538mA Solar Panels:

If you love the idea of powering your projects with potent solar power, then panels like these are perfect choices, as they are already designed to provide 6V power, which can easily be regulated down to a very usable 5V for a wide range of electronics boards and Modules. As such, these are ideal for powering Arduino Boards and similar development platforms, although you may need to use multiple panels in order to reach the current requirements of higher power systems like Raspberry Pi.

Just remember, however, that the supply from these panels will need to be regulated in order to be clean and usable, and without risking any electronics that the power is being provided to. Fortunately though, we have numerous Voltage Regulators that can do just that, and we also stock a good range of Solar Power Managers, which are designed to take in unstable supplies from solar panels and then provide clean, stable supplies for electronics.


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