5V 1A Flexible Solar Panel - 275x170mm - Front Expand

6V 1A Flexible Solar Panel - 275x170mm

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This 6V 1A Flexible Solar Panel is ideal for building a solar charger for IoT projects, wireless network nodes, or to keep your phone charged while on the go!

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As our society seems determined to pollute the air and consume natural resources as quickly as possible, the forward-thinkers are constantly working to combat all of this pollution, and one such way is with renewable solar energy. This is why we have made it our mission to source a range of Solar Panels like this 6V 1A Flexible Solar Panel, which is relatively small in size measuring at 275 x 170mm, but packs a punch when it comes to solar energy conversion and delivery.

This solar panel from DFRobot utilises Monocrystalline Silicon cells in a flexible lamination format, making the panel bendable and surprisingly durable to impacts and physical stresses. It features an integrated voltage regulator module that bucks the raw 6V max supply down to a clean and stable 5V @ 1A supply, for a maximum 6W power that you can use to create sustainable “Grid-Free” projects, charge batteries, or power lightweight devices without needing Eskom’s help. In fact, all you need is a quality 3.7V Li-Ion/Li-Po Battery (if you want the project to stay powered overnight), a reliable power management module like the Solar Power Manager 5V, and a few wires and other components to connect everything together.

Additionally, as an added bonus on top of an already great set of features, the panel housing is made from PET plastic, which allows this solar panel to bend to around 30° without any serious damage. This enables you to install the panel on curved surfaces, onto clothing and accessories, or even onto the top side of a laptop bag or backpack – giving you the ability to power or charge your electronics even while hiking in the mountains!


6V 1A Flexible Solar Panel  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Solar Cell Type

– Monocrystalline Silicon                                                       

  • Protective Top-Layer

– Flexible Lamination

  • Power Delivery Method (Regulated)

– USB Port (via Voltage Regulator)

– Terminals (via Voltage Regulator)

  • Power Delivery Method (Raw)

– Bare Terminals

  • Max Voltage Supply (Via Regulator)

– 5V

  • Max Voltage Supply (Raw)

– 6V

  • Max Current Supply

– 1mA

  • Max Power Rating

– 6W

  • Open-Circuit Voltage

– 7.2V

  • Short-Circuit Current

– 1.1mA

  • Wire Length

– 1m

  • Housing Material


  • Operating Temperatures

– -40° to +70°C

  • Weight

– 150g

  • Thickness

– 2mm

  • Dimensions

– 275 x 170mm


Typical Applications for these Awesome 6V 1A Flexible Solar Panels:

These flexible solar panels are perfect for hobbyist applications, offering a clean, regulated 5V 1A supply to cater to a wide range of Electronics projects. This enables you to build your own portable projects that don’t need the help of Eskom to stay alive, which is particularly beneficial for IoT devices, wireless nodes and other projects that are typically installed in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, the flexible nature of these panels allows you to install it directly onto a backpack, laptop bag or even onto clothing, and when coupled with a reliable Solar Management Module, you can charge batteries, refuel your phone or power various electronics while travelling.

In addition to the user-friendly mode of operations via the voltage regulator box built onto the back of the panel, advanced users may also choose to take this box off and utilise the raw power that this panel produces. However, it’s important to be sure that you know what you’re doing and do proper research before diving in, as the raw, unregulated power that this panel provides can certainly cause damage if it’s connected to very sensitive components without clean regulation.


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