9V 220mA Solar Panel - 135x125mm Expand

9V 220mA Solar Panel - 135x125mm

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This 9V 220mA Solar Panel is a versatile, waterproof and oil resistant solar panel that is ideal for outdoor solar electronics projects!

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If you’ve been looking for a great way to free your Electronics projects from Eskom’s dominant grip and power them via a more sustainable, eco-friendly source, then you’ll be excited with these 9V 220mA Solar Panels. Measuring in at 135x125mm and around 2.5mm thick, these Polycrystalline-Silicon solar panels are surprisingly diverse in their functionality, offering a native 9V supply that can be boosted by running multiple panels in series, or reduced by using resistors and other components.

These Solar Panels are rigid in structure due to the protective glass lamination, and are relatively simple in design, offering just a positive and a negative aluminium wire protruding from out the back. However, despite the simple design, these panels can be used to charge batteries, build custom portable phone chargers, or even power entire electronics projects like wireless nodes and IoT Devices without the need to draw power or recharge from the main electrical grid. This gives you the freedom to install your electronics projects in difficult-to-reach places, while enjoying the extra benefits of ultra-low maintenance and virtually no cost of electricity.

Just remember that you will need some kind of Solar Management Module or voltage regulator if you want the supplied power to be safe to use and fluctuation-free, as these solar cells will provide varying voltages depending on the brightness and angle of the sun.


9V 220mA Solar Panel - 135x125mm  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Solar Cell Type

– Polycrystalline Silicon-Based (Polysilicon)

  • Power Delivery Method

– Positive and Negative Aluminium Wires

  • Max Voltage Supply

– 9V

  • Max Current Supply

– 220mA

  • Max Power Rating

– 2W

  • Open Circuit Voltage

– 9.6V

  • Short Circuit Current

– 500mA

  • Environmental Resistance

– Corrosion Resistant / Waterproof

  • Operating Temperatures

– -40° to +80°C

  • Thickness

– 2.5mm

  • Dimensions

– 135 x 125mm


Typical Applications for 9V 220mA Solar Panel - 135x125mm:

These solar panels are surprisingly diverse despite what you may think from a glance, as the 9V output can easily be reduced using resistors, or boosted by putting these Solar Panels in series. This makes it a great panel for almost all of the Solar Management Modules we stock, offering native compatibility with the 9V/12V/18V Solar Manager, as well as compatibility with the 5V Solar Manager and the 12V Solar Manager when a resistor or secondary panel is integrated into the circuit. This diverse functionality enables you to charge batteries, power portable projects or build your own low-maintenance wireless nodes and devices that simply require a battery to keep powered overnight – all while using the renewable and sustainable energy of the sun.


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9V 220mA Solar Panel - 135x125mm

9V 220mA Solar Panel - 135x125mm

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