6V 200mA Solar Panel - 112x84mm Expand

6V 200mA Solar Panel - 112x84mm

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This Mini Portable Solar Panel is 112x84mm, and offers 6V 200mA 1.1W in a compact form factor for portable green, clean energy.

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The 112x84mm Mini Solar Panel is a 6V 200mA 1.1W solar cell that is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand or the pouch of a wallet, and is designed to offer portable green, clean energy. It offers impressive weak-light charging capabilities, and can be installed directly onto existing Electronics projects, or integrated into textiles and accessories for portable charging while on the go.

This is amazing for applications like solar-charger smart phone covers, electronic wallets or backpacks and bags that can charge mobile devices whilst on the move, and can be potentially life-saving on long hiking trips or while travelling. The small size of these Solar Cells also ensure that they can be fitted onto almost any project, and could even be converted into a mobile tablet’s back cover so you can charge your tablet by simply leaving it upside down in a sunny environment.

Despite the low power rating of these mini solar panels, they offer a surprising amount of functionality that can be utilised as a reliable Power source for a variety of different applications.


6V 200mA Solar Panel  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Max Voltage Supply

– 6V DC

  • Max Current Supply

– 200mA

  • Max Power Rating

– 1.1W

  • Dimensions

– 112 x 84mm


Typical Applications for the 112x84mm Mini Solar Panel - 6V 200mA 1.1W:

This little 112x84mm Mini Solar Panel is a 6V 200mA 1.1W energy harvesting tool made to draw energy from the environment and power lightweight Electronics Modules and components. It is capable of powering a charger for mobile devices, a small semi-permanent display, as well as a host of other projects that we’re counting on you to invent. It’s also a great little cell to begin solar experimentation with, and may be just the start you’ve been looking for to begin your adventures into the world of solar energy.

Some fun projects that some of the inventors here at DIYElectronics have tried with this solar cell include:

  • Creating toys and semi-permanent displays that are powered by the sun.
  • Building an automated watering system that is powered by the sun, detecting when the sun is shining and watering plants at specific times of the day.
  • Designing a Travel Backpack that can charge a phone or mobile device when left in the sun – or while on your back during long hikes.

After playing around with the 6V 200mA 1.1W Mini Solar Panel, we’re sure that tinkerers and Makers like you will be able to utilise it to produce some really exciting and unique projects. And with a price tag even lower than a single Lithium Battery, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try out these exciting solar cells for your next lightweight electronics project.




This is a impressive little solar panel. In full sun it pushes 6.5V , and in cloudy condition it pushes 4.3V, the same as what you would get by putting this under a 50w lamp. Highly recommend this with your Arduino projects


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