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The Arduino Nano combines the best features of the Arduino range in a compact, space-efficient package.

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As the name would suggest, the Arduino Nano is a more compact board, designed to provide very similar functionality to the Arduino UNO and Duemilanove – only in a smaller, more space-efficient package. It utilizes a mini USB connector, compared to the standard size, and doesn’t require an external power source. Rather, the efficient design allows for the single connector to simultaneously provide power as well as access to the microcontroller.

Based on the ATmega328 chip, the breadboard-friendly Arduino Nano offers a total of 14 digital I/O channels, 6 of which are PWM I/O, as well as 8 analog inputs. The board runs a 16MHz Crystal Oscillator and utilizes 32kB of flash memory – with 2KB reserved for operating the bootloader.

The primary difference when comparing the Nano to the UNO is that the Nano offers two extra I/O pins, a higher clock speed and better storage space. Additionally, while the UNO was designed for beginners to easily learn and utilize, the Nano is more suited to advanced users.


Arduino Nano  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Microcontroller


  • Operating Voltage (Logic Level)


  • Input Voltage (Recommended)

7 to 12V

  • Input Voltage (Limits)

6 to 20V

  • Digital I/O Pins

14 (of which 6 provide PWM Output)

  • Analog Input Pins

– 8

  • DC Current per I/O Pin

– 40mA

  • Flash Memory

– 32KB (2KB is Reserved by Bootloader)     

  • SRAM

– 2KB


– 1KB

  • Clock Speed

– 16MHz

  • Dimensions

– 43.1 x 18.5mm

  • Weight

– 7g


Typical Applications for the Arduino Nano:

Because of the sheer versatility of the Arduino Nano, the list of applications and uses is almost endless. From simple displays of numbers, words or other LED and LCD imagery, all the way through to motion-sensor security systems, you will certainly be able to find a fun or practical use for it somewhere in your home.

Some fun home-project applications include:

  • Multi-LED displays
  • Motion or sound-based alarm systems
  • Hand-gesture interpreters
  • Self-tuning radios
  • Motion-activated water guns
  • Remote controlled cars

Advanced tinkerers and inventors can also take these boards even further, with some more complex (and more exciting) projects including:

  • Small robots and robotic buddies
  • Connecting home electronics to social media or online platforms
  • People-counters to sense and display the amount of people who pass by
  • Temperature and humidity monitors
  • Gyroscopic movement sensors
  • The open-source “Arduino Glass”, which is similar to the Google Glass digital face accessory

These are just some of the amazing projects that the Arduino Nano can be utilized for, although even as you read this, even more ideas are being introduced thanks to the versatility and functionality of this complex board.


*Note: This is not supplied by Arduino, although it is manufactured to the same specs and quality controlled locally to ensure it functions exactly as expected - while saving you money.


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Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano

When it comes to building unique electronics projects, there are few better ways to do it than with Arduino. Founded with the intent to make electronics prototyping accessible to all, regardless of age, culture, sex or any other factors, Arduino is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of open-source hardware and software.

Some of the leading microcontroller boards that Arduino has produced include the classic Arduino UNO, as well as many variations with different specialisations and specifications. Some of the most popular Arduino boards – which we stock of course – are the Arduino Mega, Leonardo, Due, Micro, Nano, Mini, as well as the unique Arduino LilyPad. And with these boards at hand, as well as a Shield or two, you can craft thousands of different projects, with each one being tailored to your specific needs, wants and personal tastes.