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The Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16MHz ATmega328P is A lightweight, minimalist approach with a surprising amount of functionality – Recommended for veteran makers and inventors 

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The Pro Mini Atmega328P is an extremely small, thin and lightweight microcontroller board that is designed specifically for semi-permanent installation into objects, exhibitions or projects that require few to no reiterations. This Arduino Board utilizes a minimalist approach, and doesn’t have pre-mounted headers, but rather allows the user to entirely decide on which types of connectors or soldering they will use.

The features were originally inspired by the need to minimize costs, although the board has garnered a niche market amongst professionals and hobbyists alike, as it offers surprisingly diverse functionality at a greatly reduced size and price. And while it may not have all of the fancy extra components that other more user-friendly boards have, for those who understand the limitations of system voltage, a lack of connectors and off board USB, these boards can be the ideal for many different projects.

Some of the unique features on this board include an off board USB connection, auto-reset support, over current protection, a 5V regulator, as well as on-board status and power LEDs. These features, packed onto a platform barely larger than an inch squared, makes this board a true master in its niche category. Additionally, with a weight of less than 2 grams, this tiny board can be discretely integrated into a project of almost any size.


Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16MHz 328P  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Microcontroller

– ATmega328

  • Circuit Operating Voltage

– 5V

  • Board Power Supply

– 5V to 12V DC

  • Digital I/O Pins

– 14

  • PWM Channels

– 6

  • UART

– 1

  • SPI

– 1

  • I2C

– 1

  • Analog Input Pins

– 6

  • External Interrupts

– 2

  • DC Current per I/O Pin

– 40mA

  • Flash Memory

– 32KB (2KB Reserved by Bootloader)

  • SRAM

– 2KB


– 1KB

  • Clock Speed

– 16MHz with External Resonator (0.5% Tolerance)

  • Dimensions

– 33 x 18mm

  • Weight

– Less than 2 grams


Typical Applications for the Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16MHz 328P:

The Pro Mini ATmega328P is most commonly utilized by veterans and experienced makers for projects with extreme space limitations, such as in intricate little DIY Robots, within a tight bulkhead or even between two panes of glass. In such scenarios, users need sufficient programming power but may not have the space to efficiently or neatly install a larger board like an Arduino Leonardo. This is where the value of the Pro Mini demonstrates itself, and is why it’s become a popular board amongst makers – despite the fact that it’s technically less functional than many others.

As an inventor who is eager to learn about or practice with the Pro Mini, simple but fun projects include:

  • An Arduino-based wristwatch that connects to the internet and displays helpful information
  • Bluetooth controlled mini-tanks or racing cars
  • CPU and GPU temperature monitors
  • Stock-control monitors to automatically order new stock when you are running low on an item

For those who already understand the limitations – and benefits – of this board, the following more complicated projects may inspire you to get making:

  • A kaleidoscope mirror that projects a seemingly “infinite” number of LED lights or “stars”, controlled by rotating the mirror’s orientation
  • Intricate little robots, controlled of course via smartphone
  • Small surveillance vehicles that patrol your home and transmit video footage online or to your mobile device
  • Valentine’s Day “flowers”, which open during the day to catch solar energy and close at night to become night lamps

Despite the tiny stature and seemingly lower functionality of this board compared to others, the Pro Mini ATmega328P is a powerhouse in its own unique way. Fortunately, it also comes with a lower price than many of the others, making it a smart choice for makers and inventors who know what they need, while understanding the limitations.


*Note: This is not supplied by Arduino, although it is manufactured to the same specs and quality controlled locally to ensure it functions exactly as expected - while saving you money.


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Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16MHz 328P

Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16MHz 328P

When it comes to building unique electronics projects, there are few better ways to do it than with Arduino. Founded with the intent to make electronics prototyping accessible to all, regardless of age, culture, sex or any other factors, Arduino is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of open-source hardware and software.

Some of the leading microcontroller boards that Arduino has produced include the classic Arduino UNO, as well as many variations with different specialisations and specifications. Some of the most popular Arduino boards – which we stock of course – are the Arduino Mega, Leonardo, Due, Micro, Nano, Mini, as well as the unique Arduino LilyPad. And with these boards at hand, as well as a Shield or two, you can craft thousands of different projects, with each one being tailored to your specific needs, wants and personal tastes.