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LEG0 Compatible Arduino UNO Enclosure

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This awesome little LEG0 Compatible Arduino UNO Enclosure puts the “Fun” in functionality, offering more than just protection for your Arduino.

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Electronics are feisty little things, with various voltages and currents constantly running through them and powering all of the tiny chips, regulators, amplifiers and other Components. This is why, whenever the project allows, we like to keep electronics enclosed, so as to prevent unexpected shorts between pins, and to ensure that the electricity flows to the right places, in the right directions, and of course without skipping any important components along the way. However, with so many different Arduino enclosures available, it’s often difficult to choose the right one for your particular project or needs as a Maker.

This LEG0 Compatible Arduino UNO Enclosure is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an enclosure that offers more than just protective features, and has been designed in a really cool way that allows Makers to literally build directly onto the case, offering LEG0 compatible studs and holes on the top and bottom respectively. This is ingenious, and allows Makers to truly take advantage of the open-building style of LEG0, alongside the open-source style of Arduino, to create mind-blowing projects that borrow nostalgic elements from childhood years. As such, you can expect to build awesome LEG0 robots, colourful LEG0 cities full of LED’s, as well as a range of other awesome projects that utilise both your creative and your logical skills combined.

So, whether you’re looking to utilise this enclosure as a way to update your old LEG0 creations with new Arduino capabilities, or are simply looking for a funky little enclosure to keep your electronics safe while enjoying some fun benefits on top of the functionality, then this LEG0 Compatible Arduino UNO Case is for you!


LEG0 Compatible Arduino UNO Enclosure  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Arduino Board Compatibility

Arduino UNO R3 / DFRduino UNO R3             

  • Material Composition

– ABS Injection Moulded

  • No. of Studs on Top

– 45

  • No. of Stud Holes on Bottom

– 51

  • Parts Included

– Pack of Screws

  • Dimensions

– 79 x 60 x 22mm


Typical Applications for the LEG0 Compatible Arduino UNO Enclosure:

When first looking at the LEG0 Compatible Arduino UNO Enclosure, it’s hard to limit this beautiful case to just a few applications, as we can imagine hundreds of different LEG0-based projects just waiting to happen. However, despite the endless potential for creation, we found these enclosures to be particularly awesome for applications like building LEG0-based robots, creating functional cityscapes with working LED lighting, as well as for building LEG0-based desktop weapons for shooting balls of paper and other miniature projectiles at each other.

So, whether you are eager to take your LEG0 creations to the next level with MCU control and sensor integration, or simply want a building platform to play with while experimenting with new Arduino projects, these enclosures really put the “Fun” in functionality!


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LEG0 Compatible Arduino UNO Enclosure

LEG0 Compatible Arduino UNO Enclosure

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