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The Arduino UNO R3 Beginner Kit is the ideal starting point for anyone who is eager to learn about, experiment with or simply enjoy electronics and Arduino.

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The Arduino UNO R3 Beginner Kit is an excellent investment for anyone who is eager to start their adventures into the world of Electronics and Arduino programming, and includes a small range of different components that can be connected up without solder to build circuits on a breadboard. It includes some LED units in three colours, a handful of 220 Ohm resistors, a good amount of jumper wires to connect up all of the components, as well as a 400 tie point bread board, an Arduino UNO R3 and the cable required to connect it to the computer – all packaged in a transparent and compartmentalised storage box.

This list of components can be used to make simple projects like a digital LED-based clock, a blinking light test, an LED matrix display unit, as well as a few more unique circuits. This is the perfect package to learn with, as it won’t overwhelm you with hundreds of different components, and instead simply provides a basic learning platform to experiment with and potentially ignite a new passion for circuitry and Arduino programming.

This kit is a great starter-pack for anyone and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. And then from here, you can consider stepping up the complexity with another package from our exciting range of Arduino Kits. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced kits, as well as a few other focused on specific areas of electronics like sensors or RFID. This is just a great platform to test out whether you enjoy electronics and Arduino, but it can also be the launchpad to ignite a passion for tinkering, experimentation and, ultimately, inventing your own gadgets, doodads and other projects.


Parts Included with The Arduino UNO R3 Beginner Kit:

  • 1 x Arduino Board                                  

– Arduino UNO R3 Model                                                      

  • 1 x Breadboard

– 300TP + 100TP Power Lanes (400TP Total)

  • 15 x LED’s

– 5 Red, 5 Yellow, 5 Blue

  • 8 x Resistors

– 220Ω (Ohm)

  • 30 x Jumper Wires

– Assorted Colours, Male to Male

  • 1 x USB Cable

– 30cm USB to Arduino

  • 1 x Arduino Box

– Plastic UNO R3 Box

  • 1 x Component Storage

– Compartmentalised

Please Note: Although we continuously strive to keep each of our products as up to date as possible, sometimes these kits can get slightly altered over time as newer, more affordable, or better alternative modules are brought to the market. If you find that the parts supplied are different to what we've listed above, please let us know so we can update the list and assist with any inconveniences that it may have caused.


Typical Applications for the Arduino UNO Beginner Kit:

Although the Arduino UNO R3 Beginner Kit is essentially just a starting point for learning, experimenting with and enjoying the wonders of Arduino and electronics, the Electronics Components that you get with this package can also be carried into other, more advanced projects once you have the confidence to start experimenting with more complex circuits. This means that no component will go to waste, even if your passion leads you to quickly outgrow the limited supply of included components, as these are popular bits and pieces that can fit into almost any electronics project that you have your heart set on.

This makes it a great choice for anyone eager to learn about Arduino and electronics, as it can open the door to a lot more exciting projects, while staying economical due to the diverse nature of included parts. Whether you are eager to ignite a new passion for inventing and building your own little gadgets and doodads, or are eager to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of electronics and tinkering, this package is a great choice – especially at the low price that we have been able to source it for.

And finally, if you’re looking for a good place to start your prototyping and DIY electronics adventures, check out this List of Arduino Projects that cater to both beginners and advanced Makers. It’s a great place to start learning, to find exciting new projects to try, or even to train yourself to become an Advanced Arduino Maker.


*Note the included microcontroller is not supplied by Arduino themselves. It is, however, manufactured to the same specifications and quality controlled locally to ensure it functions exactly as expected while saving you money.


Additional Resources:

  • A really Helpful List of Arduino Projects featured on MakeUseOf, to give you a good starting point for simple but cool projects designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Arduino.
  • The Official Arduino IDE Download Page, which is where you can get the software you need to let your computer talk to your Arduino boards.
  • The official Community Forum, where Makers and Arduino Enthusiasts share projects and learn from each other in a friendly, welcoming environment.
  • The World-Famous "Instructables" Site, which is a treasure trove of basic to advanced projects created and curated by passionate people.
  • Finally, this is an Udemy Arduino 2018 Course created by industry professionals, offered for free from Udemy as a basic foundational course to teach the fundamentals of Arduino and kick off your Arduino adventures in high gear.


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Arduino UNO Beginner Kit

Arduino UNO Beginner Kit